My name is Paul Davis. You might know me as the Texas lawyer who got fired from my job at Goosehead Insurance after a left-wing journalist started a Twitter mob against me for exercising my First Amendment right to peacefully protest at the U.S. Capitol. After getting cancelled, I got connected to a group of patriots known as the M90USA movement, and we have filed a federal class action civil rights lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the DC swamp rats for civil rights violations that occurred in the 2020 federal elections.

I have been working full time and in some weeks 80-100 hours on this case since January 2021 without any compensation other than a few donations here and there. I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this case to fight for your constitutional voting rights and to take back our Republic from the DC swamp who has turned it into a two-party dictatorship/oligarchy. But, I can't fight this fight much longer because I won't be able to provide for my own basic living needs, much less pay expenses associated with the lawsuit. I also can't fight this fight without being able to hire other lawyers to help me. It's too much work for one lawyer to do on his own. Unless I get your help, I only have a few weeks left until I am no longer able to keep working on this due to the financial constraints and lack of manpower.

Below are some more details about the lawsuit, which is titled "Salinas v. Pelosi" Case No. 6:21-cv-162 in the Western District of Texas Federal District Court. My clients are connected to a network of election procedure experts who can show that the election procedures in all 50 states and all 4,000 counties failed to comply with the 1960 Civil Rights Act requirement to "preserve all papers and records" for audit in federal election for 22 months. The state procedures allowed for the audit trail to be erased by discarding mail-in ballot envelopes and wiping settings and data from the tabulation machines. States also failed to require that ID be provided for mail-in voting and first-time federal voters in violation of the 2002 Help America Vote Act. 

Using COVID-19 as an excuse, Congress gave $400 million of our taxpayer dollars in the CARES Act to state and local election officials to use to conduct these unlawful federal elections and Mark Zuckerberg gave $350 million of his money for this purpose. Both Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Consitution and the use of federal funds requires states to follow these federal election integrity laws. Because the states failed to follow federal election law, this means the elections were unconstitutional.

The Swamp Rats violated the civil rights of every single American by violating the election integrity laws because these laws are in place to protect our most sacred civil right, the right of the people to elect our federal officials, which is found in Article 4, Section 4 of the Consitution, and our equal protection right not to have our votes diluted. In addition, the two-party system essentially operates as a criminal racketeering scheme to take power away from the people and put it solely in the hands of the politicians. So, We The People must End the Swamp!

You can read the lawsuit for yourself if you visit Sign up on the website if you are interested in joining the class action once the court allows for that. We are seeking NEW FEDERAL ELECTIONS since the 2020 federal elections were unconstitutional and injunctions against future violations of elections laws. We seek to undo all actions by the unconstitutional, illegitimate Congress and President. We are also seeking to bankrupt the swamp and the two-party dictatorship with a class action jury verdict. We have a Venmo account set up at @M90USAfund if you prefer to donate through Venmo.