Success Academy engages in raising awareness of the value of a quality education for all ages, The goal is to offer an opportunity in creating future adults in becoming leaders who will have the ability to carry many others with them.  Becoming those of great awareness of what is life enhancing for themselves as well as all.  From basic abilities in education to higher conscious living for more self sovereign and authentic expression.  Being authentic is a gift for all when expressed with life enhancing expressions for all.  

Success Academy's main focus is providing children who have no facility, staff, location or a way to go school that opportunity.  Plus providing them with food, water, medical care including natural and homeopathic care and many other needed services.  So we are collecting money to build a more accessible as well as a better place to go for a good education and much more. We have one location that we have running now and that we have funded on our own that has grown beyond our financial capabilities.  We can sure use the added support for the Success Academy that has grown from approximately 20 students to approximately 100 students.  We have even purchased a piece of property to construct a learning facility that more suites the purpose of and environment for this endeavor.  Much Praise, Gratitude, Love, and Reverence to all!