The Corvallis School Board is in the process of usurping parental authority, attempting to force children either receive the Covid vaccine, or no longer be welcome in their neighborhood schools.
Many parents have concerns about the safety and long-term effects of these vaccines and oppose such a mandate.  We believe in the fundamental right of parents to raise their children. Further, we believe decisions regarding medical care are to be made by parents and young adults, not by local school boards. We feel that threatening to remove a child’s opportunity for education at their neighborhood school in exchange for the COVID-19 vaccine is a gross overstepping of boundaries by the 509J Board, coercion, and discriminatory.  We also feel such a mandate would be a violation of International Treaties, Federal Law, Oregon Law, and Natural Law as described in the Neuremburg Code.

A group of interested and involved parents and community memebers is proactively fighting on many fronts to stop the consideration of this COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.  This fight has some legal expenses and outreach expenses

Please Join us as we oppose this overreach of authority.  Your donations towards this effort are genuinly appreciated