Pastor Gerry Southerton Medical & Family Aid

Campaign Created by: Dayna Anderson

Goal : USD $30,000
Raised : USD $ 8,467

On Monday, October 3, 2016 Pastor Gerry Southerton was admitted to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital in Vancouver, WA with severe pancreatitis, liver inflammation and an acute kidney injury. With these 3 organs not functioning properly, infections were formed in Gerry's body and he has experienced many days of pain & confusion. Gerry has been in the hospital since he was admitted, including about a week in the ICU. On Friday, November 4, 2016 the doctors in Vancouver decided the next step for Gerry was to be administered at The Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA where they have pancreas care specialists. Gerry was transferred by ambulance late that evening & is now a patient in Seattle.   At this time, the infections are under control, the confusion seems to be clearing up and the liver and kidney functions are improving slowly.  The pancreas is the main concern for the doctors right now and the doctors at Swedish Medical Center are working hard to get a treatment plan for Gerry & are very optimistic. However, the plan looks to be very long term (up to 6 months).

Pastor Gerry is married to Rita (Tumberg) and they have 2 sons (Frank-8 & Maher-6) and a daughter (Elowyn-4).

The Southerton family has a very long road ahead of them and this is where you come in.

First, we ask you to please pray for healing & strength for Gerry and his entire family.

Second, we are asking for your help financially. We don't know yet all the expenses that will be incurred with an extended hospital stay and all of the travel for his family. Gerry & his family live in Woodland, WA and he is now a patient in Seattle, WA and the distance between their home and the hospital is about 150 miles so this means lots of travel for Rita, the children and the family & friends who are with the Southertons as well as the ongoing medical, food and now possible housing costs. One of our hopes is to supply them with a newer, more reliable vehicle. The Southerton's have been discussing getting a newer vehicle, but now with this unexpected event in their lives the need has greatly increased. We hope to be able to get them an 8 passenger mini-van to be able to travel back & forth with a greater sense of security. 

If you can help, please donate on this givesendgo page.

Thank you for reading the Southerton's story and helping them out.

With very thankful hearts,
The Southerton & Tumberg families.


Update #1
April 11, 2017
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Gerry has now been at home since shortly before Thanksgiving and is continually improving. He will be on  Sabbatical from his job at Vancouver Apostolic Lutheran Church for a year.   We, (Gerry and Rita) thank all of you for your ongoing prayers and your generosity.  We have been OVERWHELMED and humbled by God's provision.  Because of your generosity,  we were able to buy a "new-to-us" 2010 Dodge Caravan and donate our "running-a-prayer" rust-bucket of a van to Habitat for Humanity.  For updates on Gerry's health, please follow us on Southerton Family Support Group on facebook. 


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