Finish The SOT Childrens Home

Campaign Created by: Lorin Hart

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Goal: USD $4,000
Raised: USD $ 14,561
      Hello everyone, several years ago I partnered with a young Pastor in Iganga, Uganda, Museneros Julius, ( I call him Julius ) who, having been rescued as a child by a street preacher, was now himself providing for street children, aids orphans and single mother families. He started a team to serve disadvantaged children in his town called SOT- Uganda. ( Save Orphans Today ) For a time I helped with food, supplies and rent and then, after the home they were renting was sold, we raised enough money to purchase a plot of land. I opened up a Go Fund Me campaign for them and with the help of a good friend ( Dave Morrison ) who occasionally put on benefit concerts locally, we raised enough money to build the children a real home.

       From a dirt plot I watched in video and pictures the foundation being dug, bricks being made, walls going up, roof on, latrine built, even finally doors and windows.. ( he kept calling them "screens". I thought he meant nets at the windows for mosquitoes... no, he meant glass. ) We are now only $4000 from completing this project. What we need are proper floors, a proper kitchen, interior doors and finished electrical installations. Here is a letter from Julius to all who may be moved to help. He is hoping to have the project all finshed before his birthday coming up in August. 

      " Hi friends, My birthday is on 15th of August, I have decided to celebrate my birthday by raising funds to help finish the Orphanage construction. The Orphanage is open to the most vulnerable and marginalized children from Villages, slum areas and HIV/AIDS affected villages.
Children are now housed in a partially finished building with inadequate equipment, So in honor of my 35th birthday, I am hoping to raise $4,000.00 to finish Orphanage construction, and I need your help to get to my goal. I chose four thousand dollars because its the project total amount needed.
I shall post a donation page.
Thank you!" Julius

       This is the aforementioned donation page. I am shifting our fundraising to Give Send Go because I think its a better fit for our project and I pray that God's Spirit blesses Julius' efforts to provide for the orphans and struggling mothers in Iganga. In the spirit of James 1:27, I ask for your help. 


Update #4
June 20, 2021
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Well, I am just amazed, thrilled, excited and grateful. We raised over $14.000 for the orphanage project under Julius Musneros guidance. he has send me videos of the work they are doing and many of us have been praying that he spends this surprising and unexpected windfall wisely, includng him. They are deep in the middle of constructive improvements and I will post pictures as soon as I can get them off What's App to my computer...   Thank you again to everyone. I was just a tiny part of this, it's all you guys and Dave's wonderful Blue Collar Logic video that inspired so many. I will be closing the campaign in a few weeks I think.. We did a good thing. 

Update #3
May 20, 2021
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Hello all you wonderful donors..The majority of funds have been deposited to my bank and I have started sending Julius the money you have donated.  I'm sending through World Remit and its limiting the amount I can send at once so it will take a few days for Julius to receive all of it. im so excited to see the progress about to happen... Thanks to God and you all and Dave Morrison for bringing this to bear... yipee!!! 

Update #2
May 17, 2021
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Well, I am nearly speechless, between the prayers, Dave Morrison's video and all of the good souls who contributed to this wonderful project, we have nearly DOUBLED our goal. I have communicated with Julius and he is thinking of opening a llittle grocery store with the extra money and having it as  part of helping make the orphanage self sustaining. SO, thats where the extra funds will go after the building is complete. I know Julius has been hoping to do this for several years... now it will be possible.  Thank you to God and everyone involved, especially all of you Blue Collar Logic fans. Be sure to check in as we go along to see the progress as I will post pictures... 

Update #1. we're on our way...
May 10, 2021
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thank you to the dear souls who have started this campaign off... I know we have a few months to do this, and I am hoping as the economy picks up and people get back to work they may have a little extra to spread around. I am posting some pictures of the inside of the Childrens home so you all can see what the needs are... It's a wonderful project and every penny you donate goes straight to the construction costs, not a penny lost. 


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