Support for SonofaGreenCard & Family

Campaign Created by: The Foxhole Fam

The funds from this campaign will be received by S S.

Raised : USD $ 6,209

This campaign is due to an unfortunate accident that occurred on September 7, 2022. Sonofagreencard was traveling to work when an accident occurred. He was life flighted to the closest trauma center. He is currently on oxygen support and is also dealing with massive brain trauma and swelling. The family is now in the process of discussing a second opinion which would require re-locating further from home.

Sonofagreencard is the father of 3 young children under the age of 10, as well as a husband of 8 years to an amazing woman. He is also the sole provider of the household. We obviously do not know the extent of the cost of the situation, therefore this will be an open ended donation link set up that will be going directly to the family.

Words cannot describe the level of character and overall value that comes with the friendship and ripple effect that Sonofagreencard has created. He actively requested for any efforts or support he gave to be unaccredited, preferring to stay in support from the shadows. It is on us to speak on behalf of what he has done.

Thank you in advance for all the prayers and whatever support is laid on your heart to give.  


Update #25
October 4, 2022
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Thank you Our Father for your compassion and reckless love of us and especially of GC during this time.  Thank you for putting your armor around his family.  We praise your wisdom in bringing such loving children into GC's life to support him and pray for him.

Today, GC sat on the edge of his bed lifting his legs to 180 degrees.  The nurse supported his head but he was lifting his legs on his own.  Also, the doctors said that there is a possibility that if insurance will approve it, the family will be able to transfer him to the rehabilitation center (out of state) next weekend (weekend of Oct 15).  This particular rehabilitation center is much closer to friends and family.  The family will have a stronger support system than another rehabilitation center that was an option.  His face surgery is scheduled for this Wed (Oct 15).  Also, his wife has been asking him if he knows certain people in the community and she introduces more names every day.  So far, he remembers everyone she has mentioned.

Dear God, we pray today to ask you to continue to heal GC.  Please heal his lungs so he may breathe entirely on his own.  Please heal his physiology so he can move on his own in every way.  Please heal all the parts of him that need healing.  Also, we pray that the insurance approves the rehabilitation center in this state so that GC and his family will be near friends and family. As always God, we pray for peace, love, protection, hope and faith for his family.  Please shield them from all evil.

Thank you once again for all your donations and prayer messages.  We repeat this often but probably not often enough. Those prayer messages mean so much and give such great comfort, joy and peace to his family.

Update #24
October 3, 2022
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We thank you God for showing us your love, power and healing through the miracles you are performing for GC.  Thank you for healing him so that he may live a long, happy, healthy life with his family. We praise the miracles you have already performed and we are humbled to be able to witness your glory.

The speech therapist did a test today and GC was able to mouth the numbers he saw on the paper.  That means he can see clearly.  Most of what the therapist asked him to do, he was able to do.  After seeing a video of his children, GC started to talk (the best he can).  He wants to talk.  They will be asking the speech therapist to return.  The medical team says he won't actually be able to speak until they change the tracheotomy slightly.   We believe they are giving him more time to rest and heal before they do that.

We pray for GC's speech to return easily to him; for him to heal completely and quickly.   We pray for his family to continue to receive and feel love, strength, peace, hope and joy. 

Thank you for the continued donations, prayers and prayer messages.  Thank you for all the support of the GC family.

Update #23
October 2, 2022
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Thank you God.  Our words cannot suffice in praising you.  We give thanks for for GC's continued miraculous healing.  We praise our Father's compassion, mercy and healing powers.  

GC remembers going to work and then nothing else. He does not remember the accident but remembers the morning of the accident.  GC asked his wife what happened and she shared the basics - that he had an accident and is now in the hospital healing.  She told him his only job right now is to get better.  In other news, he made it through the last few weeks with his sense of humor intact.  He has been making jokes (in nonverbal ways), making funny expressions, smiling, and even laughing (as best as he could).  His wife mentioned a couple of people from the community and he smiled when hearing their messages.  He remembers at least a couple of people from the community.  However, if he remembers a couple, it's likely he remembers everyone.   He isn't talking yet. He is communicating by nodding and shaking his head. He also has is eyes closed most of the time but opens them when requested.  

We pray for GC to heal fully; for his family to have rest, protection, support, resources, faith, hope, joy and love.  We pray for all in this community who have supported GC and his family through this time.

By special request, his wife has asked to let all those who send prayer messages know that they mean so much to her and give her tremendous comfort.  Some of the messages are funny and make her laugh.  Others are sincere and heartfelt and bring tears (in a good way).  Thank you again to all those praying, sending messages and donating.

Update #22
September 30, 2022
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"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind.  Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27

Thank you God for the continuous miracle of GC's healing.   Thank you for watching over GC's family during this time.  Thank you for filling them with strength, faith, hope, grace and love.  Thank you for these beautiful prayer warriors in the community.

Today was a HUGE day.  GC did everything the doctors and nurses asked of him.  He moved his hands and feet upon request.  He is also sucking from the suction tube to clear his mouth upon request.  Lastly, he is nodding and shaking his head upon request.

He whispered his wife's name.  His wife asked him if he knew where he was; that she loved him; if he knew how he got there.   He mouthed yes to all of those questions.  She asked him if she was his wife; the number of children they have; that she loves him and he squeezed her hand as a 'yes' and mouthed 'I love you' to her.

We continue to pray for GC's healing; for him to return to health 100%; for quick healing so he may go home; for the family to live and long and happy life together.  We pray for blessings for this entire community of loving Godly children.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and prayer messages.  We truly believe that all those messages and prayers contributed to this amazing healing in progress. We take nothing and none of you for granted.  Thank you for the ongoing support. 

Update #21
September 30, 2022
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I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1

We have so much to give thanks for Lord.  Thank you for GC's life. Thank you for healing him.  Thank you for the support and love of your faithful children. Thank you for watching over GC's family and healing them as you heal him. 

Today, GC continued to be responsive with touch. He held his wife's hand and caressed her finger with purpose, intent and so much love.  He opened his eyes part way when his wife said hello and she believes he was trying to say her name.  He worked really hard breathing and had to return to the ventilator after a few hours.

We pray for GC's breathing to ease so that he may be able to breathe easily and without assistance 24/7.   We pray for any and all bleeding and swelling in his brain to cease and heal.  We pray that he is able to speak out loud and say what he is wanting to say.  We continue to pray for GC's family to be protected and blessed with peace, love, faith, strength and resources.

Thank you all for your faith-filled messages.  Thank you for your messages sharing yourselves with GC.  We do not have any doubt that he is hearing all the messages.  Although, you cannot be there physically, your prayers and your messages  have a presence within the room and a place within the hearts of his family.

Update #17
September 26, 2022
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Our father, thank you for the many blessings. Thank you for healing GC and shining your light over his entire family during this time.  Thank you for bringing together these loving prayer warriors to pray over them.

GC is still off all sedatives.  However, he is still on a pain killer and anti-anxiety medication.  They had to give him something for his blood pressure and heart yesterday because his heart started racing. His MRI was done today.  We do not yet have any information on the results of the scan.

We pray that the MRI shows us more evidence of your miracles God. However, we know that regardless of what it says, that you have the power to heal that man does not understand. We give thanks for the many miracles that are still to come.  We pray over and for GC and his entire family and that you give them the strength and the energy that they need for GC, his recovery, for themselves and to care for each other and the children.

Thank you to this loving family for the prayer messages.  Thank you for speaking to Mrs. GC as well through those prayer messages during this time.  We know that Matthew 18:19 "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven."

Update #15
September 24, 2022
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Thank you God for watching over GC and his family.  Thank you for the love and support of this loving community.

Today's update is short but momentous.  The probe has been removed.   They were finally able to clean his head properly today after the removal of the probe.

Our Father, we pray that you continue to heal GC in every way. Please also heal his family who have had an intense two and a half weeks.    We pray for GC to feel your love and peace as he awakens fully.  Lastly, God, please bless all your loving children who have prayed for GC and his family or have donated.  May they feel and receive the comfort and blessings that they've given a thousand fold.

Update #13
September 22, 2022
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Thank you God for your tireless healing and love for GC and all of us.  

Both GC's arms move all the way to his fingers.  His left leg shows intentional movement all the way to his toes.  His right leg has not 'woken up' yet.  He was spontaneously breathing all night with some assistance from a device to finish his breath.  He is off all sedatives and is now on pain killers.  The cat scan showed improvement. However, there is still more healing that needs to happen. 

Such miracles and wonders we are witnessing through GC's healing.  Tonight, we ask for prayers for GC's total and complete healing and also for all the prayer warriors and for all those who were moved to (and able to) donate. May God bless and protect everyone.  The family will always appreciate the prayers, kind words and donations. They have been a source of comfort during a very difficult time.

Update #18
September 27, 2022
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Dear God, we know that you are ever present for all of us. We have witnessed your miracles with GC and we thank you for the many blessings.  We know that you are healing him even when we may not have our earthly evidence of it.  We thank you for all the loving children you have gathered around GC and his family during this time and we thank you for blessing and watching over GC's family when he cannot.

GC has now been off sedatives for 3 days.  They have switched his pain medication as they work on waking him up.  The surgeon in-state has confirmed he will be able to do the surgery for GC's face (Cheek bones).  That means he will be able to do his cheek reconstruction where he is.  If rehabilitation is needed, the family will be traveling out of state for it. They spoke with a specialist today and she has started working on GC's case to get him off his pain killers.  The family is praying on the options of what the next steps (following the cheek reconstruction) should be,  GC is in a state of consciousness currently where he's there but not all the way there.  That is why he can hold his wife's hand and caress her finger (like he did yesterday) and still not be able to give the nurse a thumbs up.  Even in this state of consciousness, the rehabilitation team would be able to assist him. First to fully being awake and then rehabilitation to the point he can go home.  He is now breathing completely on his own with no assistance (for at least five hours today).  They may have to give him more assistance later but the signs were positive.

We pray that his family are able to easily here God's guidance on the next steps; for GC to wake up fully easily and be one hundred person in health, spirit, mind and emotions; and for his family to be blessed with an abundance of energy, hope, faith, peace and resources.

Thank you once again to everyone who sends prayer messages.  His wife continues to read them to him.  When reading one of your messages to GC last night, his wife saw a tear come down from one of GC's eyes.  His wife is sure he hears them.  The messages mean a lot to her and she is sure it means a lot to him as well.

Update #16
September 25, 2022
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Thank you Father for watching over GC and healing him. Thank you for bringing your faithful children to support GC and his family during this time.

GC is doing well.  This wake up process takes time and is quite drawn out.  He slept most of the day yesterday.  As his wife was leaving yesterday, he squeezed her hand really tight and pulled it as close to him as possible.  He gave her a nod when she asked if he wanted her to stay.

Today, they shut off all the meds except the anti-anxiety to see how he does.  GC's wife sat with him as he adjusted to it. He hasn't had sedation since the morning and is doing well.  (Apparently, they had stopped the sedation a few days ago and then had to turn it back on.)  There is no confirmed date for the MRI yet.  He wiggled his toes when he was asked to but has not been able to give a thumbs up or squeeze the nurse's hand yet.  A surgeon in-state has asked to look at his scans to determine if he would be able to do the surgery needed for the fractures in his face. The family is waiting to hear from him. If he is unable to, they will need to go out of state to have the surgery for the fractures.

We know God's greatness and we know that the healing is on-going.  We have seen so many miracles already.  We pray that the fractures will be resolved easily.  We pray that the family will have the financial, physical and emotional support needed through this time as GC heals. We pray that GC feels peace and God's love and strength as he slowly awakens.

Thank you again for supporting GC and his family through this time.  We thank you everyday in an effort to express the enormity of what your prayers, donations and messages mean to GC's family.

Update #12
September 21, 2022
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We give so much thanks to God for every step of this journey.  We are happy to share some great news with everyone.

GC is breathing spontaneously now. 100% on his own.  It's still early days yet so they are watching him carefully but the family is really happy about this progress.  His pressures are moderate. It's not a concern but we do want them to get low and stay low. It seems like when they adjust the sedation, his pressures jump up.  He is showing more signs that he is starting to wake up such as continuing to jerk his arm away when the nurse pokes him and his dad saw him move his lips a little and eyes flutter as if he was trying to communicate with him.  There is a cat scan scheduled for tomorrow.

We appreciate everyone's prayers. God is certainly hearing them! And as always, the family is grateful for the prayer messages and reads every single one.  We now pray for the catscan to show that he will recover fully; for peace for his family through all this; for GC's full recovery; for a peaceful wakeup filled with joy for all; and for his pressure to come down and stay down.

Update #20
September 29, 2022
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God, we thank you every day here and countless times throughout the day.  Your healing of GC continues to bring your most faithful child to their knees in amazement. We give thanks for the continued healing of GC and for the protection of his family in all ways.

Today, GC opened his eyes when his dad asked him to.  We do not know if he recognized his dad but he seemed to recognize his voice.  His mother told him a funny story and he raised one eyebrow and smirked.  He was breathing on his own for a while but started to have difficulty breathing.  The nurse asked him to squeeze her hand if it was too hard. He tried talking, tried to open his eyes and squeezed her hand so they put him back on the ventilator.  The MRI showed injuries in various parts. However, all in all,  the doctor felt it was a favorable image.  The doctor said the image can only tell him so much while GC is telling him more with all the movement and that is what he is going with.

We pray for GC's continued healing all the way to full health.  We know that God is great. We have seen the greatness. We look forward to the miracles to come.  We pray for GC's family to feel peace, love, strength, faith, hope and joy through all this.  

Thank you once again to everyone sending prayer messages.  You can be sure that they will all be available for GC to read when he is up and about again.  In the meantime, his wife reads them all to him.  The prayer messages are a tremendous comfort.

Update #19
September 27, 2022
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"If you can?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes." Mark 9:23

We believe God. We believe!  We thank you so humbly for the many miracles you have bestowed upon GC and his family.  Thank you for his healing.  We are so grateful that you did it slowly so that we could appreciate your miraculous hand.

The MRI showed the injury to the brain and also some bleeding.  However, the doctor is confident that his facial surgery can happen next week.  After the surgery, a decision will be made as to whether he can be transported out of state for his rehabilitation (if it is needed).  GC had to go back on the ventilator last night.  However, his medical team is working towards getting him off the ventilatory 24/7.  The rehabilitation center is experienced in doing this.

This morning, GC started moving his mouth and whispering but he was too soft for anyone to hear what he was saying.  Later, he squeezed the nurses hand, raised his hand, winced, wiggled his toes and tried to open his eyes.  He didn't open his eyes but he tried.  This afternoon, he barely opened his right eye, turned his head towards his wife when she spoke to him, squeezed her hand and kept caressing her fingers.

We pray for GC to heal completely, be completely healthy and well, and for those witnessing this miracle to be filled with the joy and wonder of God.  We pray for his family to continue having strength, faith, hope and peace through this time.  We pray for all of those in this community reading this and praying for his family.

Earlier, a friend said "We are witnessing miracles. I am so humbled." We certainly are.  Thank you to his foxhole family for continuing to pray, never losing the faith and for supporting GC's family during this time.  Thank you for the prayers, the prayer messages, the donations and your love.  We will give thanks for every miracle with every day.  We give thanks for the miracles that are yet to come.

Update #14
September 23, 2022
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We give thanks for the continuing stream of God's love and miracles. He builds upon the each miracle and fills every witness with wonder and praise. We are truly witnessing miracles.

The brain probe is being removed tomorrow. This is tremendous in two ways - 1.that his brain pressure is considered low and stable enough to have it removed and 2. The brain probe is a rod that has been inserted into his head from the top.  It will be a tremendous relief to his family for it to be removed under good circumstances. 

The MRI will be taking place in a couple of days. This will give the doctors more information.  We are now seeing movement in ALL limbs!  He has purposeful reaction to nurses now. He even tries to turn his face away from suction. Last night, GC squeezed his wife's hand and lifted it about an inch off the bed.  He is paddling his feet and lifting his arms off the pillows.

There is so much to give thanks for. We want that praise and thanks to be the first thing we share always.  Next steps are being discussed now about the treatment for the fractures in his face and rehab.  The recommendation for both those items have been for out of state hospitals. However, we know God's greatness and the prayer warriors we have.  Thank you for the continued prayers and support.  Every single prayer and donation message fills GC's family's hearts with joy.

We know that only God knows his plans and he has the ability to heal GC more quickly than any person could comprehend.  We have witnessed so many miracles already.  As in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Update #11
September 20, 2022
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We thank God with all our being for the healing he is giving GC with each passing minute, hour and day.

The information provided earlier on his breathing was as we understood it yesterday.  However, our understanding now is that yesterday, his lungs started showing that they are working to start working on their own.  They lowered the sedation today to see if he wants to breathe on his on. His pressures are low today.

Please pray for GC's continued healing; that he wakes up peacefully and heals completely.

Thank you all for being on this journey of God's miracle and healing with us. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated by the entire family. We know that God is hearing them.

Update #10
September 19, 2022
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An early update today because yesterday was a great day!  Thank you God for showing us your love and power with each step of this journey.

As of yesterday, GC was breathing on his own. He wasn't even simply matching the machine. He was breathing MORE for himself.  Additionally, when the nurse poked him in his arm, he jerked his arm away.  This signals that 1.he's starting to wake up and 2. parts of his brain are functioning.

Thank you for all your prayers! Keep praying for him to wake up peacefully and for healing to perfect health!  God is good.

Update #9
September 19, 2022
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We thank God for GC's continued healing and for the prayers, support and love.

GC had another procedure done yesterday.  Despite the fact that it was complicated and had risks involved, it went well.  His pressures were up since he had two procedures done back to back. However, they came down significantly.  They are a little elevated right now but that is to be expected.  We are not sure when he will be off sedation completely and then when he will wake up. 

We pray that his pressures will get lower and stay low; for him to wake up soon and wake up peacefully.

Thank you for all the prayers.

Update #7
September 17, 2022
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Thank you God for the blessings and miracles through this time. We give thanks to have the privilege to watch this miracle unfold and for the miracle of family, friendship and love.

GC had that surgical procedure he needed today in preparation to be woken up.  He is stable and doing so well.  The family has been asked to take time to gather their strength in preparation for him to wake up.  We thank God for filling him with his love and grace when GC awakens. It will be difficult - in all aspects but we know that God is present and will guide his recovery.

The family reads every single prayer and donation message and it fills them with joy and comfort.  Thank you for the prayer messages and the donations. 

Update #7
September 17, 2022
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Thank you God for the blessings and miracles through this time. We give thanks to have the privilege to watch this miracle unfold and for the miracle of family, friendship and love.

GC had that surgical procedure he needed today in preparation to be woken up.  He is stable and doing so well.  The family has been asked to take time to gather their strength in preparation for him to wake up.  We thank God for filling him with his love and grace when GC awakens. It will be difficult - in all aspects but we know that God is present and will guide his recovery.

The family reads every single prayer and donation message and it fills them with joy and comfort.  Thank you for the prayer messages and the donations. 

Update #6
September 15, 2022
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We thank God for each miracle and blessing that GC and his family are receiving through this journey of healing.

We had a joyful update yesterday evening. His bloodwork is textbook and surprising all of them with how well he is doing.  The physician was particularly pleased that he is showing bodily responses to stimuli.  Purposeful respnses to doctors and nurses which shows them parts of his brain are waking up and functioning properly.  They expect he will be awake within a week and that's where the real work will begin.  His meds have been reduced and everyday is a little closer to taking bigger steps.  For now, the team of surgeons, doctors and nurses are working around the clock to make the waking up process as smooth as possible.  He will likely be in a great deal of pain when he wakes up but pain means that he is alive and his brain is working! So we thank God for that as well.  The swelling in his face continues to go down.

Then last night, his brain probe started started going out.  They switched it without issues but there were a significant number of risks associated with it and it was a difficult time for the family.  However, he had a good night with no pressure spikes.  The doctors are happy that there is no new swelling.

Your prayers are working.  Thank you for the messages.  Each and everyone are read by GC's wife and to him.  We thank God for the many miracles that have already taken place and for the largest miracle of all still to come.. for GC to go home and live a long, happy, healthy live with his family.

Update #5
September 15, 2022
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As part of removing his sedation, there was a procedure that was going to take place. However, last night GC's pressures spiked. It got quite high.  They have no idea what caused it. The doctors gave him a couple of shots that brought the pressures back to a moderate level.  However, the procedure has now been postponed till Friday.

As always, we give thanks for the miracle we are witnessing.  Please also pray for GC's family.  They have had quite a week (Wife, Children, Parents, In-laws) and could use some blessings.  

Thank you for your messages of love and support.  Please keep praying and keeping the faith.

Update #4
September 13, 2022
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Before the update, we want to give praise and worship to God for all the miracles we have already witnessed.  The miracle of healing, of friendship and love and support.  The family is constantly giving thanks for the strength Jesus has given and the wonders we have seen and the ones still to come.

GC's brain pressure held steady and low overnight even after they lowered his sedatives yesterday.  He responded well and was stable.  In the morning, the doctor recommended the sedative meds were reduced further.  GC had squeezed the doctors hand earlier that morning.  They tried totally discontinuing the sedatives and it was too much for him. His body is not ready yet.  His pressures shot up and he started coughing.  They restarted the sedatives again but at a low level.  That was sufficient to bring everything back to normal. However, his brain pressure is higher than it was overnight now.  He is stable currently.

We give thanks to God that the doctors are treating him as a patient in recovery; for the many blessings of love, support (in all ways) that the family is receiving; for the strong faith-based community that circle GC and his family; and for the healing that is happening and will continue to happen.

Update #3
September 12, 2022
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Overall, GC is much more stable.  However, there have been some fluctuations of his brain pressure numbers upwards.  They were slight but enough where they are unable to do a more in-depth diagnosis.  Please pray for his numbers to come down some more and STAY down.  However, the good news is that they are starting to pull off certain diagnostics that he no longer needs (such as blood pressure) and they expect to wake him up sometime in the next couple of days.  However, if he experiences too much stress when he wakes up, they will sedate him again to give him a chance to get stronger. He is looking more and more himself with each day.  

Prayers for his brain pressure to come down and stay down; for him to peacefully wake up; for a good diagnosis when the time arrives would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you prayer warriors for your love and support.   The family feels it every single day. Most importantly, we give thanks to God for the miracles that we are blessed to witness with each day.

Update #2
September 11, 2022
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GC has stabilized with excellent numbers. He is still sedated but is looking more like himself.  God is hearing everyone's prayers so please keep praying! The stabilization gets us to the next part of this healing process so the prayers continue to be important.  We are witnessing God in action.  

The family of SonofaGreenCard are grateful for this community and all your support and prayers. Every single donation message and prayer message are being read to him by his wife.  The family can feel all the prayers every day. 

Thank you! 

Update #1
September 11, 2022
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Greencard's (GC's) brain-swelling has been stabilizing.  If it continues to do so, the neurosurgeon will begin assessing his  brain's status more thoroughly.  Mrs GC shared that the doctors/etc are "constantly shocked" at how well he's doing.  They don't understand how the swelling in his face has decreased significantly or how he is reacting through touch when his wife is reading to him the prayers and support all of you have been sending.... but we know why.

Mrs GC would also like you to know that the prayers are absolutely helping but praise and worship also.  So please start others praising and worshipping.


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