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Will Hadden
March 18, 2021
Public Affairs


Shirley & McVicker

Christian Crowdfunding Site Highlights Importance of Adoption and Compassion

Families who sacrifice to give homes to children share their stories

Washington, D.C. –, the world’s largest Christian fundraising site, is helping give adoption a new platform. Many parents who want to bring a child into their home find themselves overwhelmed by how costly the adoption process can be, but the website has provided them with a way to bring their dream closer to a being a reality.

"Different people have different reasons they want to adopt. Some do it because they can’t have children, while others do it because they want a child to grow up with brothers and sisters in a safe home. Either way, wanting to raise a child is a wonderful demonstration of God’s love, but for many it can be financially taxing,"said co-founder Jacob Wells.

There are dozens of inspiring stories on adoption to be found on

William Holland and his wife Martha, herself a child of adoption, felt called to give another child the same love that Martha received growing up. Now, they are well on their way to adopting a child from the Marshall Islands where Martha was born and have connected on a deeper level to her native culture. Thanks to the, they’ve been able to raise more than $16,000, nearly half of their $30,000 goal.

Likewise, Michael Corbin, who serves as a missionary in Honduras, felt compelled to adopt after meeting a pair of Honduran teenagers who were abandoned as children. Mr. Corbin realized his mission to serve had transformed to include bringing these young people to a new home, and he is now in the final stages the adoption process, but he couldn’t pay out of pocket for an international adoption. Fortunately, has helped him raise $14,000 of a $24,000 goal.

Mr. Wells and his sisters Heather Wilson and Emmalie Arvidson founded GiveSendGo.comas a way to reflect that while money meets many of life’s essential needs, it cannot fill a person’s immaterial needs like love and belonging. That fulfillment only comes through the compassion shown by God to humanity and by the love a parent can show to a child. As parents who have both adopted children themselves, Mr. Wells and Mrs. Wilson are especially passionate about this aspect of serving God and bringing people together.

"We’ve had an incredible last few years of growth, and one of the things we’re excited to see is that more folks are using our website to raise funds for adoption. There’s nothing more moving than a couple who feel called to adopt a child and show it love. It’s a reflection of God’s love to all who need it, and we’re thrilled to be a part of helping people fulfill their calling."

To schedule interviews with Mr. Wells or Mrs. Wilson, please contact Will Hadden or call 703.739.5920

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