Giving Tuesday

The best day to
Shine Brightly is in...


Payment Processing Fee on Giving Tuesday!

We're waiving our payment processing fee on Giving Tuesday! Find out more about this here.

If you plan to participate in Giving Tuesday, whether by creating a GiveSendGo campaign, giving to a campaign, or both, click on the "pledge" button. By pledging, you will receive a reminder about Giving Tuesday on November 30th.


Why Giving Tuesday is special to GiveSendGo is in our name!

As a crowdfunding platform, giving is what GiveSendGo is all about! But Giving Tuesday is especially important to us as Christians because we know we're also called by God to give and we believe you are too!

Giving Tuesday is a special day we can intentionally shine brightly by giving to campaigns, causes, and people we care about on GiveSendGo!

How you can participate in Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday we're encouraging you to do something for someone in need in your community! How can you help? Start a GiveSendGo campaign (even if that person is yourself!). Then, gather together an Army of Givers dedicated to giving to your new campaign, specifically on Giving Tuesday, when we will be waiving our payment processing fee!

But it doesn't stop there! Even if you don't plan on creating a GiveSendGo campaign, we still want you to participate in Giving Tuesday by giving to a GiveSendGo campaign on that day! (Maybe you can be a part of someone else's Army of Givers). We believe everybody has a role to play on Giving Tuesday!

If you plan to create a GiveSendGo campaign, give to campaign, or both, on Giving Tuesday, click on the "pledge" button at the top of this page. By clicking this button you will receive an email reminder on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday Toolkit

GiveSendGo wants our users to be fully equipped to participate and enjoy Giving Tuesday as much as possible, so we're providing our very own Giving Tuesday Toolkit. Simply follow the link below to access our toolkit templates! Throughout the month of November make those templates your very own by inputting your campaign and giving information. Then, share them on social media or even through email and text with your friends, family, church, and coworkers.


About Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an initiative meant to inspire acts of joyful giving. For us, we're celebrating Giving Tuesday by encouraging people to start a GiveSendGo campaign for someone in need, and/or giving to a GiveSendGo campaign you care about. No matter what your role is, we encourage you to be a part of Giving Tuesday and shine brightly by giving through and with GiveSendGo!

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7