I've lived an amazing God story FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANITY!  I got in trouble at 25 yrs old and pledged my future to God if He'd get me out of the mess I was in. A few months later I was exonerated by JUDGE LOVE in Harris County, Texas!  I kid you not.  He looked like Grandpa Walton with white hair to his collar, a white beard, his very essence seemed to shine brightly. I cried out to God for 6 years and tried to read the Bible but NOTHING happened so I fell in love, got married, and had a baby.

It was when health challenges showed up that my life and beliefs would be confronted with deeper truth.  It ended up opening my eyes to some horrible truths about the world we consumers have created.  God then INSISTED that I write a book about the journey. I groaned and didn't write a word for 2 years, until a fall from a bridge and a broken back provided plenty of laying around time. This event was also noted in these journals 9 months before it happened. It took 27 years to finish the book because God was guiding me through many challenges and showing me how to resolve them HIS Way. I tried the mainstream modern ways and they failed, including the churches teachings about health and healing! I'd seen 11 doctors in 18 months and was worse for doing so and still had no answers. So I canceled all my medical tests/appts and began chasing God down. I paid a heavy personal price for taking this path but then that's what happens when you shine LIGHT into dark places right? The enemy will come after everything you love and he did.  No matter what, I kept typing because I knew this was important!

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the writings of many authors, I was able to reverse several "incurable" diseases such as Hashimoto's Autoimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, and 11 years of crippling sciatica left over from the broken spine event that left me with xrays showing me to be a paraplegic. While the culture around me dove into a historic opiate epidemic killing 128 people a day, God showed me how to HEAL my body of the pain. 

When the book first came out a grown man told me that the introduction dropped him to his knees in tears. Then another man asked if I'd do a Skype call with him in Australia after his wife read him the introduction. Half way into a 3 hour call he revealed that he'd begun crying shortly after we began speaking and couldn't stop. He continued to sniffle for the remainder of the call. "When you speak, I hear God. And I haven't heard God in a very long time."  Then another man, an electrical engineer read it and he too began crying when we spoke some weeks later.  One man bought 50 of them.  He too cried saying "You're a messenger sent by God and if we don't listen to you we deserve what comes next."  A woman reader had a 2-hour healing encounter with God while reading it. Another reader wrote "hair standing on end, had to inhale, exhale and take a break to catch my breath".  Yep, it's a WAKE UP 101 book for sure. 

THEN, in October of 2016, after I'd finished writing the screenplay of the story as requested, I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that RADICALLY changed my life. It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight and it stayed at that intensity for 2 hours. Over the next few days the pain stayed in my underarm and began to spread like angry fire around the breast on that side.  Had I not been a long time health hacker I likely wouldn't be here today but on this journey nothing in my life is random.  It all has purpose so I know when He leads me into something, He'll also, usually, thus far, lead me out the other side wiser and more empowered and this time crowned with yet another mission to awaken humanity! 

My amazing 85 yr old Mom yanked up her entire world from a home she lived in since 1988, and thought she'd die in, and we moved to the Ozark mountains away from all technology, which is my only chance of healing, "Prudent Avoidance".  I built a blog at NoATT.blog and there you'll find a Featured Post and lots of other information sharing the concerns about all of the technology being deployed on humanity without their understanding.  It was from this that I learned that all this wireless technology is actually PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION THAT ACCUMULATES IN THE BODY UNTIL BAM...DISEASE!!!  CHILDREN ABSORB TEN TIMES THE RADIATION AS AN ADULT AND CANCER IS REPORTEDLY THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH IN CHILDREN NOW!   Leukemia was another #1 for children from dirty electricity! You'll find lots of posts on the NoATT.blog site showing what this is doing to ALL LIVING THINGS.  Watch the Beings of Frequency documentary on the blog.

ONE of the issues here is the version of electric meters the utillity cooperative corporation is using; they produce a 24/7 high-pitch tone and are known for being problematic.  The biggest concern is that they emit a very toxic current onto the building wiring and it leaks out into the rooms from the outlets. You can't see it, taste it, or smell it but like carbon monoxide it can be measured on a meter and it will kill you! The second big problem is due to the fact that the power lines were only designed to carry current and this system now has them also carrying data.  I suspect this causes competing frequencies like microphone feedback. Many of the locals say it began immediately after they installed these meters. 

A 70 yr old Chief Inspector for the Board of Electrical Examiners and Licensing in Little Rock, AR, has confirmed that the high-pitched tone up here "means there's a problem" but NOBODY WILL COME and he has no jurisdiction here.  He's called an engineer at the lawless utility cult, Carroll Electric, TWICE but nobody comes because they don't want to deal with what they've created here. It's a very expensive mistake! We had to install a $1500 filter but most people have no clue they should!  This electric coop claims to be member-owned but according to a lawsuit found online and the report of some locals, they lock said members out of public meetings and change rules to control who gets on the board.  A very dear local woman died here last year of aggressive brain cancer and the readings I took at the electric outlet even with her head were in fact DEADLY!  I built an ad-free site at NoATT.blog. The DANGEROUS READINGS post has detailed information about this effort here. You simply can't imagine what's going on in our world until you look.  

I can't travel, can't go in any local buildings, even to friends homes here because of the very toxic electric meters in use here and my condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity aka EHS. It's also known as Radio Wave Sickness and has been known of since the 20's. I can't go to the next town over because of the cell towers that literally zap me.  I can't ride in modern cars and a trip to the ER would likely end my life from all the tech there so I can't work and there's no medical code so no disability. 

So, this weekend we had guests and took them for a siteseeing ride only to discover TWO new cell towers going up within a mile of each other south of town. Why two so close? Hasn't everyone learned that CELL TOWERS CAUSE CANCER?  I saw this happen in the scenic town of Wimberley, Texas. We lived there (1995-2000) when the very first tower came in.  I went back for a visit in 2017, got the poo shocked out of me before I could get out of there, and was appalled at what the telecomm co's had done and what the town had allowed. There are now an estimated 14 towers in that VERY SMALL TOWN about the size of Jasper, AR.  FOURTEEN TOWERS!  BIG UGLY MONSTERS!  (Pictures requested from a friend)

I included a post on the NoATT.blog site titled "Captured Agency: How the FCC is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates".  The FCC has recently been rebuked by a Federal Appeals Court for "ignoring the data on harm from wireless".  You'll find that on the blog too. So, instead of putting up MORE towers, I think we need to be putting a halt on this human insanity until some more controls are in place. Be sure to look at the Stupid Human Stuff category on NoATT.blog.  

I ONLY have social security as an income source.  I'm about to launch a podcast and hope to promote more book sales, but I need to do a post card mailout to 1000 people, print posters to post on the bulletin, etc and I need some financial help to do so.  I fortunately have an older printer that allows me to buy ink cheap but I still need help.  If I'm strapped for cash I can't do very much.  I'm willing but limited by finances.  You can also order a copy of the book to help support me. It's a POWERFUL book. You can check out reader reviews and listen to a few of my interviews on the GettingWellGodsWay.com blog.  

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out.  

Thank you in advance for your time and any donation you're able to give.  



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