Hey everyone, I'm blessed to have yet another opportunity with YWAM Boston to go overseas and do things for the Kingdom of God! For our 2018 Spring Discipleship Bible School, we are having a 3-week outreach to Mozambique, Africa from July 11 to August 3! While in Mozambique, we will be partnering with local pastors and teaching them how to effectively study the Bible for all that it is worth so they are able to shepherd the congregations that they've been entrusted with by God. These pastors are actually new believers in Christ who have been placed over churches in their villages, and because of their new found faith, they are still learning about Jesus. It is through this 3-month Bible school that we look to equip our students to be able to go on and lead small groups at their churches using the study tools they gain from this course. Now through this outreach, they will be able to put these tools into practice as we come alongside these pastors in the work they're already doing in their churches.

In order to be able to do all of this, I need to raise $2,000 before July 6th to cover our costs while in Mozambique (housing, meals, etc.) I've seen the Lord be faithful to provide countless times in the other outreaches I've been honored to be a part of, and I'm so ready to see what the Lord will do through this team that is saying Yes to God! We've already seen God's faithfulness when we needed to cover the cost of our deposits on our flight and a gentleman who was attending one of our community nights heard what we were intending on doing in Mozambique and he offered to cover the $350 deposit for all 9 people on this trip! If you would like to play a role in getting me to Mozambique, I encourage you to pray and see what God might place on your heart as far as how you can contribute. While the financial need is a big part of this, there is also a need for prayer and a spiritual covering as we are sent to Mozambique.

I thank you ahead of time for whatever role you play in this and I assure you that you will see the fruit of whatever it is you choose to invest in this trip!

Thanks so much,
Bradley Hunt