Our main goal with this fundraiser will be to find some land to have free workshops on backyard farming and overall self reliance.  We have knowledge passed to us from our Grand Parents and other friends and family that will go a long way to get others on the right path as quickly as possible.  We wish to start a broad community of backyard farmers and let them hit the ground running.  We wish to start local and hopefully the movement will spread to other communties making them more self sufficient in these uncertain times.  All workshops will be free to those willing to learn.  We will also be making very straight forward videos that we will upload to our website that will be free to access.  

Workshop topics will include:
Bio-Char:  How to make and use bio-char easily and properly.
Composting:  Soil care and use.
Chicken Coups:  How to build them cheap and easily.
Disaster Preparedness:  How to prepare without being over-burdened.
Livestock In The Suburbs:  Basics on how to figure out what you can and can't do on your property regarding animals.
Plants:  What to grow for maximum sustainable yeild in every season.
Green Houses Made Easy:  Simple ways to over winter and produce plants in the cold.

We think now is the time to start this movement in our community and every community across the country.  Knowledge is power, the more self sufficient people there are in a community, the better we all will be should things go south economically.  

Thank you for your consideration.