Help us in the fight to secure Ukraine's communication network. The Ukrainian people are in dire need of a secure means of communications to help fight Russian aggression. Having a safe and secure network means Ukrainians can have access to media and emergency services without the threat of Russian surveillance. 

In response to Moscow's direct targeting of civilians and infrastructure, TAJ is releasing a state of the art encrypted communication system to the brave Ukrainian people, FOR FREE. With your help, we can get this technology to Ukraine quickly and effectively. Our technology could potentially save lives.


Who We Are.


We're a tech start-up called Taj Quantum , located in Central Florida, that is in the process of creating a new communications application that provides secure communications for calls, texts, and video conferences through our quantum attack-resistant encryption and obfuscation network. Only the Government and Military have had access to these cutting-edge technologies to date. Taj Quantum was established to commercialize this technology for everyone, protecting communications from prying ears and eyes.


What We Are Doing. 


With the Ukraine war, the people need secure communications to fight Russian aggression, coordinate emergency services, provide real-time access for the media, and talk to their families without the Russians listening. We are using our funds and resources to provide these vital means of communication to the people of Ukraine.


We have set up our servers and obfuscated networks on the world's most robust interconnected network. In addition, we have connections at critical Starlink Earth-stations in Europe and on both sides of the Atlantic undersea cable. These connections enable secure communications that the Russians cannot interfere with.


Since our phone application isn't completed yet, we're using an open-source chat application GUI (graphical user interface) called Element - available on every App store worldwide. Our systems then provide the back-end network and communications capability - all encrypted.


View our informational PDF here . 


Where We Need Your Help.


We have spent most of our development budget to stand up the network systems required to make this work and scale as we bring users online.


As we grow this system, there will be more costs even once the conflict is over. We want to launch our phone app as soon as possible for the Ukrainian people. There will be added capabilities that allow even faster deployment and operation if we get funding. Our application platform is a decentralized, anonymous, peer-to-peer capable, end-to-end encrypted communication platform that includes voice, text, video, chat, and group video conference via a proprietary configuration bypassing the use of third-party provider platforms.


Thank you for any help you can provide. We will be helping no matter what - but together, we can make a real difference. #secureukraine

If you're in the Ukraine, we need your help distributing our secure messaging service accounts. Direct Message via the social links below for access, sign-up and help distribute. 

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