Hi, my name is William Bulitta and I am a Life Scout from Troop 23 in Downingtown Pennsylvania. I am currently in the stage of fundraising for my Eagle Scout Project. Part of this campaign will go to funding my main fundraiser which will be my pancake breakfast that I will be putting on at Saint Peter's Church. It will be paying for the ingredients for the pancakes and it will help to pay for beverages. The other part will go to the main materials of this project.

The materials I will need are a 360-degree camera, a stand for the camera, money for the editing software for the photos, a hard drive, Mics for voiceovers, and mic stands. Once we are finished with these materials they will go to the church to be used in future videos and or tour changes. 

This project is focused around educating the people of the parish about the beautiful architecture that this church has as well as helping people to better understand the Lord and all the ways in which we glorify Him. 

When this tour is finished it will go on the church website for anyone to view. I hope that you will support me in my journey to Eagle!

Thank you!