A Home for Rood Phania

Campaign Created by: Leah Thomas

Goal: USD $4,800
Raised: USD $ 725
My dad and I recently took a trip to Grand Goave, Haiti with Lifeline Christian Mission. Only a few weeks before leaving for Haiti, our church had a child sponsorship drive and Lifeline had several of their available sponsor children's pictures on the table. I chose a little girl that I was immediately drawn to but when we arrived in Haiti we learned that she had moved away and I would be unable to meet her. I was absolutely heartbroken.

Christy, who led our trip alongside her husband, recommended that we choose a new, local child who they could immediately begin to look for. My dad and I took a look at the board. Nobody immediately jumped out at me the way that my original sponsor child had. Nobody felt like The One. I told Daddy to choose. He pointed to two girls he felt pulled to and after looking at the two of them I pulled Rood Phania's picture off of the wall and took it to Christy.

By the next afternoon we had received word that Rood Phania had been found and that she would be at the compound that day! I raced to the waiting area, shaking in anticipation but trying not to get my hopes up as great as they had been the first time.

Finally, after so much waiting, after so much heartbreak, Rood Phania's name was called and a beautiful 3 1/2 year old little girl walked up with her mother and right into my arms. My darling girl kissed me right on the lips and rubbed her tiny little hands in circles on my cheeks. My heart swelled, tears filled my eyes, and I silently thanked God for the series of events that had led this little girl into my life.

Through the translator we began to learn more about Rood Phania and her family. Rood has one older brother and one younger. Her father was a teacher but is currently unable to work. Her mother, Annette, was a vendor but as the money dried up, she lost the ability to purchase more goods to sell and they found themselves having to move in with a friend of the family in order to keep going. When I asked the translator if there was anything specific that Rood needed I listened to her speak to Annette in beautiful Haitian creole and then she looked at me and said, "She says they need a house."

I had learned a lot about life in Haiti and what it meant to sponsor a child by this point. After two mornings building a house for a local woman, I knew the details behind the Haitian people needing homes, what it took to get one, and the amazing job that Lifeline was doing in building homes. A Lifeline home is a simple 12 ft by 24 ft two room home that costs roughly $4,800 in American money to build. To qualify for a Lifeline home, the family has to have the ability to purchase or rent land on their own and the funds have to be raised and turned in prior to the start of building. Rood's family has land but the land is empty. All it needs is a humble little home.

With Rood Phania in my arms in Haiti, I silently vowed that I would do whatever it took to get my little girl a home. I went to Haiti on a mission and I came home with an entirely new one.

So here's to you, my darling girl.



Update #1
March 23, 2017
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Our church just returned from visiting Haiti. Unfortnuately, it was not in the cards for me to join them this year. This year God had decided that my husband and I would become parents much sooner than we initially planned. It has taken a lot of prayer and reflection to understand His change in timing as I so wanted to get back to Haiti, back to my little girl, before we started a family of our own. I have prayed and prayed that God will continue to reveal His plans to me and that He will get me back to my little girl in Haiti as soon as He can.

Luckily for me, though, a special friend in my life was on this recent trip to Grand Goave with her mother and oldest daughter. I sent money and pictures for Rood Phania and asked Carrie if they would meet with her in my place. After getting home, Carrie sent me the pictures they had taken with Rood and her darling mother. I'll admit, it was difficult to ask someone to go in my place to send my love to my little girl but I had no doubt that of anyone who would send my love properly and in its entirity, it was Carrie.

Unfortunately, Carrie brought home some news I was praying not to hear. As of the last I knew, Rood and her family were staying with family friends and although that in itself wasn't ideal, it was atleast a roof over their heads. Today, Rood and her family sleep on the streets. They are homeless. My little girl is homeless and my heart aches.

Please share our story with your friends. Please help me to raise the money to build my little girl a house. I know that if I can raise this money, I can find a way to get back there to build it myself. Every dollar counts. Rood needs it now more than ever.


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