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Romans 8:12 Mother Ministry (to 6 other Ministries) has been online since November 2014.

Romans 8:12's Mission: To familiarize people with The Holy Spirit, to be a living example of living, walking with the Holy Spirit, how to keep HIM alive in you, what to do if HE is not & you wish otherwise.

Romans 8:12 has 152 followers from all the sites we currently post to: WordPress, Facebook, G+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Patreon. 

Visiting our sites will give you a better description of how unique we are in our expression of the Holy Spirit.
For we are  Jepthahs! Rejected (or did not fit in) with mainstream churches (do not feel welcome or utilized in the Gifts the Holy Spirit has given us, Romans 8:12 Mother Ministry, encourages Christians to create environments for Christians like them, to study, to share our lives together, as we are encouraged to do in the Bible, encouraging former Outcasts to unite in their unconventional ways.

For the church is the people, NOT the building. This helps Christians of ALL walks of life OBEY Christ, even more.

Help Romans 8:12 Mother Ministry bring in these lost sheep, hopefully saving/loving even more people in this manner, in Yeshua's name, by helping us gain Non-profit Incorporation status.

The filing is free in Illinois, many charters, bylaws and commitee paperwork must be LEGALLY formed and Romans 8:12 needs the assistance of lawyers to complete the legal documents and lawyers ARE NOT FREE! :-D

There is a way to do this process via consultaions and online for $500 and over!


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Campaign Created by:
Romans 8:12 Mother Ministry East Moline, IL Follow

$0 of $500

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