Please Watch!

Pasticceria Rocco is a quintessential New York Story about an immigrant and the American Dream.

In 1956, at the young age of 17 Rocco Generoso Sr. left his native home in Italy and started his life in a small bakery as a dishwasher. Rocco went from a dishwasher, to a baker, and to the eventual owner of Rocco's Pastry Shop in 1974. In 2010, Rocco retired and his children took over the operation. In 2012, a second location was opened for wholesale and retail in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. For almost 50 years, Rocco's has been serving Italian pastries for New Yorkers and tourists all around the world.

At this moment in time that operation may cease to exist because of the unconstitutional vaccine mandate brought forward by the City of New York by Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Rocco Generoso and Mary Josephine Generoso have decided to fight the mandate through legal means. We have decided to start a Give Send Go for the purpose of legal fees, potential fines, and penalties that will be incurred through this fight. This is a fight for all Americans, not just New Yorkers. We believe that this is the Last Stand a Fight for Freedom and no one individual should be denied a service for the mere fact they are not vaccinated.

Thank you for helping on this fight! And May God Bless You All!