I was blessed to have my father for as long as I did, It is sad and unfortunate but there is peace. My Father Raul Alcazar was not only my dad but my friend like no other, he was the most giving, caring, loyal, faithful father and Husband to my Mother Sally Alcazar.


My father was born in Kenosha, WI and at an early age he left the country for a short while and returned to the US 10 years later. He was a general worker and stayed at a boarding house that my grandma owned and there is where he met my mom. It really was love at first sight. He was friends with my mom's brother who was going to Vegas to get married and my dad had the idea of marrying my mom, so my dad said "why don't I marry your sister too", her brother agreed and so they took both girls and each got married. From his seeing her for the first time and marrying her it only took only 2 weeks! They were married for 75 years! He was 19 she was 16!

He provided and took care of my mom and all his kids alone without compromise, it wasn't easy for him in any way but he did it for mom and kids. If he had a dollar and you needed it, he'd give it to you. If you were hungry he'd by you a meal, he was just like that. He would defend you if you were in trouble because he was a fighter for sure.


At 71 he suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke, we almost lost him, the doctors gave us no hope of his recovery. We had to wait through the evening if he'd make it, he did. shortly after he went into a two week coma on life support (a G-tube breathing ventilators and a tracheotomy), he came out of it and started the recovery process and it was very difficult. The other children didn't help, they wouldn't visit much, some didn't at all, or help either. The doctors gave him maybe a year, he showed them wrong. 

In his latter years there was a quick decline physically, emotionally. His desire and drive was being robbed, 21 years later his body couldn't take it anymore.


My mom is still at home without her husband (my dad). There is a caregiver present but that doesn't replace the comfort she had while he was still with her. She suffers from dementia and forgets quickly that he's passed, she thinks he's just in the hospital being treated. She's reminded and it's like her first time hearing it. I have and have been handling this alone it isn't easy. She needs further tests now with the neurologist to check to what extent her condition has effected her. The caregivers services are being paid out of pocket as a private service, it is draining the funds.


I hope this letter is clear enough for you to understand the help that is needed. Whatever your heart moves you to help financially is greatly appreciated and there is no minimum required for the appreciation. Please please help, we need it. Thank you.