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Veterans Day🇺🇸in honor of my Kids grandparents Arnold&Lorretta Willis they we're veterans.Loretta went to Yeshua Oct.2,2002 (leukemia)California, an Arnold went to Yeshua August.13,2020(California).the day i was in a major auto accident here in north texas. i miss them so much i know i'll see them one day in heaven. loretta taught me how to be greatful for our service men&woman veterans' an active duty military.God gave a love for the United States of America when i was in 4th grade. but he showed me His unconditional love through Arnold&Loretta they also taught me perseverance,an willing to work ethics. an i Know my Yeshua as Massiah because Arnold&Loretta never gave up on me,for that ill be forever greatful. i was a homemaker so when i began to God taught me through watching Loretta an arnolds willingn


Rebecca Dream of being Debt free
August 26, 2022
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I'm hired!!!☺ i know its a true blessing, however I must ask you if you would help me get out of debt. so i can begin my new job with joy and peace...i just knew my Jesus would come through for me an get me back to work. oh my word! i need need more shoes for work! an the kind of shoes they say i'll need oh my word! an the type of pants! i have not a care my Jesus will provide for me He always does "its not what you wanted but its what you needed" 💙my Jesus always knows my heart 

Update #1
August 21, 2022
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I have been working on catching up on my rent&utilitys,car insurance&gas. after the lowering of my pay as i was budjeting for the shortage to the best of my ability.than my shift was hours were being lowered so i adjusted even more. I was required to do the same amount of work zig zaging start times it was begining to affect on my body.i thank my Yeshua i can walk, i can talk,i can still work after a 2020 august major auto accident. I'm whole in every way ALL  Praise Goes ONLY  TO my Yeshua AMEN


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