Revival Radio Station 89.6 FM

We have an FM radio station that reaches out to 45 Districts in the Eastern part of the Congo, Bukavu, and some parts of Central Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi, which reaches more than 6.5 million people daily.

The eastern Congo is witness to almost three decades of violence. Because of murder, rape, and other forms of gender-based violence, displaced communities are on the edge of survival with horrifying levels of sexual violence. According to the 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview, there were 74,275 cases of sexual violence reported between January and September 2021.

The security situation continues to deteriorate due to the armed conflict. 1,200 civilians were killed in 2021, and in recent months, they have had a steep escalation of targeted attacks by armed groups against displaced people. Many have been raped and violated. Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced multiple displacements, making them even more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Often people need to leave their homes, families, valuables, and livestock, fleeing with nothing but the clothes they are wearing at the time of the attack. Some run to the forests to hide while others seek refuge in the UN camps, but the psychological trauma is not being addressed. Due to the ongoing fighting and hostilities, access to those affected is hampered because the humanitarian convoys are being targeted. But our radio station travels through the airways, so we can reach and help where no one else can.

This station is helping multitudes receive Christ and changing mentalities to focus on loving the lost. It has greatly impacted many listeners in several communities around this region and beyond. This can be seen by the number of daily messages and phone calls we get. It is very hard to describe the positive impact of this radio station in the Kivu Lakes region which is full of war, conflict, violence, and atrocities. The broadcasts have helped many who had lost hope to regain it again. Many lives are being rescued and healed.

We strive to keep in touch with our listeners via phone calls and messages. Many people are calling in who are oppressed, and a great number are receiving Christ daily. We make sure we direct them for follow-up. Many of these listeners have been requesting Bibles, and many pastors and new believers are asking for the book, Four Steps to Revival, which we print here.

To give you an idea of the number of responses we get, here is a chart from just the month of January 2023:

     1,567 - Salvations          
     679 - Prayer Requests          
     174 - Healings
     124 - Inspirations and Transformations
      357 - Bible requests
      154 Baptism requests
As for the effectiveness of this radio station, here is a chart showing the number of souls saved at the radio station on a monthly basis. This comes from a physical count of people who called in and have received Jesus Christ as their savior.

 Month       Souls     Healings
Nov 2021     350
Jan. 2022     750
April 2022    505
July 2022   1450          43
Aug 2022   1360          34
Sept 2022    720          34
Oct 2022    1800          75
Nov 2022   1674          58
Dec 2022   1874          36
Jan 2023   1567          174
Feb 2023   3213          181
April 2023   1261          74

AVG/month 1377          79

These numbers may seem unbelievable unless you go there and see the desperate conditions there. In the midst of great darkness is this one bright light emanating from this radio station, and people are responding in droves.

 But we need your help.

Monthly needs:

• $500 - monthly taxes and government fees
• $300 – monthly pay for two technicians/programmers
• $250 – rent
• $320 – monthly fuel cost
$1,370 per month 

We also have a couple of long-term needs. Please consider a one-time donation for these.

• $5,000 for a Solar System to provide electricity to power the radio transmitter. We have no electricity, so we are depending on a diesel generator, but the cost of fuel is very high, and we cannot keep the station on all day.
• $7,000 for 5 years - Government Operating Permit, payable in 3 installments

Total : $12,000

Please ask the Lord what He would have you to do and trust Him for the increase. We cannot do this without you, and that is how the Lord designed it. By each of us giving, He has set us up to walk in the mercy and charity of the Lord so that He in turn can bless all of us, both the radio station, the people in the Congo, and you.