Are you tired of buying products & services from companies that support Planned Parenthood?

Jeff Bezos recently said in an interview before going to space with his company Blue Origin:
"I want to thank every Amazon customer becasue you guys paid for all of this!"

The same is true for pro-abortion companies. Companies are able to donate to pro-abortion causes because of shoppers like YOU!

But where do you go for alternatives?

Introducing:! will be an amazon-like ecommerce website where pro-life companies can list their products for sale. will automatically round up every purchase you make to the next dollar - this change will be donated quarterly to your favorite pro-life organization!

For example, if you purchase $24.15 worth of goods on, your total bill will be rounded up to $25.00.
$24.15 will pay for the goods and the remaining $0.85 will be donated to the pro-life organization of your choice.

Support pro-life businesses and pro-life organizations all in one place!

The funds raised here will be used to pay for web development, software develpment, and administration of