We are just a couple of girls with regular jobs who have fallen into trying to rescue a whole bunch of cats from feral colonies near where we live. Spaying and neutering adults and trying to get the friendly ones adopted, releasing the ones that are too feral to be adopted after surgery - then gathering up, fostering and finding homes for any kittens we find (which were MANY). We have rescued 45 cats and kittens so far, and we are going to a house tomorrow that has been feeding a large number of ferals and has 25-30 kittens now of various ages - they are desperate for help. The feral cat situation in this area (and so many areas!) is out of control, and it's overwhelming. For those trying to rescue, and for those just trying to care for the cats in their neighborhood who can't afford to pay for surgeries for them all and feel helpless as they watch the number of cats around them grow exponentially. For the rescuers out there trying to tackle the problem, it's never-ending. We have been trying to take care of most of the expenses ourselves, however if we want to now take on this new colony and potentially others while still working with the one closer to us, it is time to get some help. Unfortunately there are very few resources for no-cost spay and neuter surgeries in these situations - and the few slots available fill up quickly! Even paid surgery appointments can be hard to get - everyone is booked up 2+ months out right now. We both volunteer at the local low cost spay and neuter clinic and even we have to beg for slots! The surgeries are generally the biggest expense unless vet care is needed for a sick or injured cat. But beyond that the cost of flea meds, ringworm treatments, eye ointment, litter and food is piling up. If you love cats and want to help with the plight of the poor feral baby that has little hope for a happy, healthy, and flea-free life without intervention - then we need you! Thank you for anything you can give, every bit will go to help care for these cats  - they would thank you too if they could! 

UPDATE!! We took all the kittens from the house today (with the help of the homeowner who was so sweet and grateful) - 23 kittens! We broke them into 3 age groups and started bathing! The littles, 2 weeks old, we put in with our super momma cat and like we knew she would - she started nursing them! The others are eating on their own and everyone seems very happy to be clean (so many fleas!) and cool. We are working on fosters as well as connecting with rescues to find these guys nice places to land and ultimately great new forever homes! I added a bunch of photos from today to the gallery!