Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia, Inc ( is a faith-based Christian global online ministry 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007 dedicated to spreading the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through modern multimedia technology. In 2013 Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia, Inc founded and now sponsors Prayer Warriors 365 (, which provides LIVE online meetings in Christian Restoration and the Power of Prayer, leading to mighty Intercessory Prayer Warriors around the world. 

"We are fighting the Good Fight of Faith in Jesus Christ 
one person at a time, one-day-at-a-time!"


To provide interactive online restoration and teaching on the power of prayer in LIVE groups around the world. From these groups, we come together globally in an intercessory prayer called Prayer Warriors 365. We are spreading the good news gospel ascribed in The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and providing powerful faith-filled mountain-moving intercessory prayer for our world through global modern multimedia communication technology one person at a time, one-day-at-a-time! 


Cyberspace has been our mission field since 2005. God has provided us with unprecedented means through modern technology to distribute the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a global level.

In the marriage of Internet technology with numerous other media capabilities, the door to interactive (two-way) global communication has never been more pronounced or more potent than it is today. A new threshold is opened to humanity with numerous new and dynamic possibilities for God's purposes and plan.

OUR PROJECT: Restoration & Power of Prayer

In August 2018, a long-awaited opportunity came together to merge Christian restoration step-studies with the study of the power of prayer connecting individuals online halfway across the world.

The inspiration arose from an awareness of the overwhelming number of desperate lives seeking prayers on the Prayer Warriors 365 prayer request wall that are not getting help these days. So many lives are being overwhelmed and seemed to be going in circles. This awareness, along with being a part of the growing, very successful offline/online Christian recovery groups over the past fifteen years, brought light to a global need and incredible opportunity for unity in prayer for our world.

The interactive online group started with a few members from Texas to Tokyo, Japan. Now, after years of personal "heavy-lifting," we began experiencing the reward of true freedom found only in Jesus Christ. We are walking in a level of personal and intercessory prayer that would not have been possible without merging restoration and the power of prayer. We are growing as other countries join us in this global prayer movement, including Indonesia, Pakistan, and South America.


Give of our TIME, our TALENT, and our TREASURES to bring the people, the message, the Biblical teachings for these days, and the technology to connect from around the world in the unity of powerful faith-tested and Holy Spirit led mountain moving intercessory prayer.

To accomplish this vision requires the support of fellow believers worldwide in prayer, in time, and continued financial support.