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I have found very helpful answers through experiments looking for my own cure, determined to share with others, so they can see what could be making them sick and avoid suffering without answers like I have experienced.

The amount is 432 per month for 33 months because that is representative of the calculations found in my research and projections for a healthy field of current. 

This is a message of pure love, do not feel like you need to donate or support my work. (((only donate if you want to join in my journey to dig deeper for answers)))  

I want you all to be aware that even though your water may look pure there is lots of hidden pollutants lurking inside. Any donations made will go to continuing my work, from expensive KAR laboratory water tests and getting much needed equipment to dig deeper for answers between our majority water based bodies and the water we put into it.

My story gets really started in late 2014, my body started to have serious issues digesting food, this has transpired into losing 100lbs+, extreme chemical sensitivity, seizures, bone pain and  loss of mobility. After several DNA tests including genetists from overseas, very advanced exome sequencing at UCLA - David Geffen School of Medicine + 12 doctors later I was still declining.  

Thanks to my loving support system I got the helped needed to start doing my own research into finding a cure! 

Blessing poured out in unbelievable ways, I received so many incredible recommendations to try,  from going up to 60 pills of Spirulina a day, 3 Gerson Enemas, bathing with vinegar because the water was making me break out, special blended oils, floatation therapy, salt lamps, stem cell consultations and Kangen Ionized Water 8.5 pH delivered fresh twice a week with strong negative millivoltage. 

In September, within a few days of all these added remedies, I started to feel stabilized, my speech came back very strong, I can type without shaking, I gained 2 lbs which is a miracle, my severe acid reflux went away and I no longer need nexium or immodium, and I can get back and forth to the bathroom without feeling like my body is tearing apart or needing a cane.

At the beginning of November, I got off the water since I was not sure which remedy was actually helping my issues, the first day off the water I started feeling bad again and by day 3 was back to slurred speech and shaking. I realized while I am going on 13 months of severe stomach issues it wasn't me starving to death that was causing these symptoms, it was severe dehydration and unnatural chemicals hidden in my own purified water. I immedietely called and ordered the Kangen machine and within 2 days back on it I was feeling stable. 

This blessing has given me life again to pick up my research to find answers to my own health problems and share with the world my results to help others. 

I am still in unreal pain with my bones, stomach and seizures(less frequent) are making each day very challenging for me. With what extra energy I get each day, I am pouring into my home laboratory I created using the help of a chemist friend and my background being an US technology patent inventor.  

Below are some pics showing the tesla I built, the PSR (pseudo reaction stomach) I invented to simulate the voltage variations of my body when introduced to new liquids, through my own calculations I am now making sure the minerals in my water are at least -432 Mv before drinking, working towards maximizing my intercellular pumps to -70Mv (sodium/potassium) and hope to achieve this level despite my fragile body/age by converting to a special diet I put myself on and "Justin's Electrical Hydration Therapy" using Kangen water and lots of testing equipment based. 

Example from showing the millivolts used in our intercellular pumps:

In my search for answers I started dissecting the purified water I was drinking, finding UNREAL contaminants that passed right through my filter system, and all the bottled water I was drinking had a positive not negative millivolt reading, most contained no minerals at all, so I could not get my pumps working even if I wanted too.  

With such amazing results, I started to share this news with my doctors and colleagues to see if they have heard of these methods, but no one seemed to be familiar with this line of treatment, yet everyone has been fascinated how much I have improved in a short period of time after seeing how bad off I was just a few months ago. 

I have now had several doctors come by to see me in Pasadena, they can't believe I reduced my meds by 75% and have become so stable. Also, I shaved my head in support of my friend fighting cancer and hopeful the health findings, diet with charged water is helping others, as long as we keep a positive mental attitude which is key to winning any battle!


Justin Ballard

Sending blessings of love to all!

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Campaign Created by:
Justin Ballard Pasadena, CA Follow

$0 of $14,256

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