NonLinearPlasma is a start up company that is looking to revolutionize how our civilizations travels, ships products and consumes energy by using the same source of energy that gives life to our planet, our Sun. The Plasmareactor (patent pending) is a completely new concept and design. Some details of this project can be found on our webpage along with the white paper The Unified Wave Theory. The external literature section will lead you to experimental data from fusion driven plasma research that confirms the energy potential of non linear Plasma. The Plasma reactor is not using the typical method of fusion or fission to convert heat energy into kinetic energy, similar to what was used in the first steam engines. The Plasma reactor's simplified method of converting energy allows the potential energy of plasma inside the reactor to be turned directly into a useable kinetic energy source via magnetohydrodynamics. The availablity of both kinetic and potential energy are at the core of our simple design, due to it simulating the flow of plasma inside our planet and sun.

Your donation will not only help bring clean energy to our entire civilisation, it will also help advance our inevitable journey to the stars. And, most importantly, it will give the human race a reason to come together to build a better future for all, away from the environmentally damaging energy sources we have used for the last 200 years. 

If you found your way here after reading the Unfied Wave thoery, I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it. If you wish to read it, I hope you get as much satisfaction out of reading it as I did from writing it.  

The story so far - growing up in Scotland I become an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in the emerging renewable energy sector (building my first wind turbine at the age of 12) later starting my apprenticeship for a company that built wind turbines. Since then I left Scotland to travel the world in my mid twenties and found myself living on yachts and sailing a lot, the latter allowing for a considerable amount of time researching my childhood love of space and my new found love of sailing and the weather.  Eventually what I found would lead me to design the Plasmareactor and write The Unified wave theory to explain how all these topics and more can be better modelled by applying coulombs law (An electrical Law) to the ions in any medium, such as the ions in the air flowing over my yachts sail. Something we never fully understood until now, even though we have been building sailing ships for centuries. 

if you would kindly share this page with your friends and family so we can utilising the paper as a recuitment tool to the idea and the company so that engineers and inventors around the world can also utilise the information and we can all start to build for the new age.