Pilgrims Progress Game

Campaign Created by: Kenzo Kobayashi

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kenzo Kobayashi.

Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 35
DONATION CURRENCY FIXED: Please take note that GiveSendGo had a currency display issue before where every time you donate, it will be in USD and NOT Japanese Yen. So when putting in ¥100 JPY as your donation, you will be donating $100 USD. I recently saw some donors getting their donations rejected because of this. We have fixed this issue and have decided to set the currency from Japanese yen to US dollars.

NOTE: Before anything else, please pray for this project that it would glorify God and reach the lost. Please pray that God would guide me in making this game and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Please pray for the protection of the people working on this project.

Hello, I'm Kenzo! We will be making Pilgrim's Progress Game. I will try to be faithful to the book as much as I can. The main objective of the game is to evangelize to the lost, of course, Christians will enjoy the game as well.

The game will be fun and exciting but at the same time delivers the Gospel message.

The gameplay will be similar to Journey, The First Tree, and Sky (not hack and slash, but enjoying the scenes, simple tasks/puzzles). Aesthetics will be similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The game is currently in its prototyping stage (trying out concepts of the game by quickly making them in the engine).

Since the main objective of the game is to reach the lost, I'm planning of selling the game at around $10, making sure it is affordable for everyone. I'm also thinking of giving it away for a specified period.

The game will have three parts, the first journey will be Christian, the second is Christiana, and the third will be an online multiplayer system where players can help each other journey to the Celestial City. All parts will be free to upgrade. To help fund parts 2 and 3, I will also sell the soundtrack of the game.

I plan to release the game on PC first then port to consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Long term goal is to create a game studio specifically making quality Christian games, we need one.

The main reason for this crowdfunding campaign is to speed up the development of the game. I'm determined to finish making the game but I will not release it until I know it will be acceptable to the Lord. The funding will definitely help speed the process (hire people to help) and hopefully, by God's grace, work full time on this project.

I have also launched a Patreon account if you want to give on a monthly basis.

For the latest news and update, please visit our website at https://www.pilgrimsprogressgame.com/


God has been moving...
January 15, 2023
facebook twitter

Hello everyone, it has been a while since we posted an updated about the project. It has been on hold for a few years, but God has recently been moving this project again and we are excited about what He has in store for us in the future. Here are some updates:

1. Our old Facebook page has been deleted, with no warnings whatsoever. I apologize for inviting everyone again.

2. By God's grace we are now #1 in Google for the search term "pilgrim's progress game"

3. We have fully optimized the website to make it load faster than before. Please wait for further updates.

4. A new member has joined our team, Trever! We will be composing the music for the game. You must hear his music! Check our website for the current soundtrack of the game.

5. We will now be more aggressive in marketing and fundraising for the game.

Pilgrim's Progress Game Map
August 12, 2020
facebook twitter

Thank you, Lord! After more than 2 months working on this, finally! We present to you, our game map! Did you know you can purchase our poster maps to support this project?


Update #3
July 24, 2020
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I do apologize for not updating you guys regarding the game. We do have a few of updates:
1. We have a new logo!
2. We are still working on the game map and will be releasing it soon!
3. I've been working on our own Gitea (Git) server to host local LFS file but stopped since I can't seem to upload files. Will continue working this soon.
4. Elijah is helping out on the texture and physics of the mud of Slough of Despond 


New Website!
June 28, 2020
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We just released our new website! :)


June 22, 2020
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We are still in the pre-production stage, specifically prototyping some concepts for the game. Will be doing more prototypes just like the reveal trailer. Please take note that since the trailer is just a prototype, we will still make a lot of changes and improvements. Prototypes are quickly made just to test concepts if they work or not.


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