For Peter Gilroy, In Memory of Bridget

Campaign Created by: Friends & Family

The funds from this campaign will be received by Derryck McLuhan.

Goal: USD $35,000
Raised: USD $ 11,195

Peter and Bridget Gilroy have positively impacted more people around the world than most of us can imagine. They met and fell in love while serving with Youth With A Mission in Amsterdam. Not long after their wedding they used their ministry experiences on the mission field as a launching pad into other ministry opportunities. From various roles in independent churches in California and throughout England, to serving a discipleship counseling organization in Atlanta, then back to the UK for several pastoral positions with the Church of England - Pete and Bridget left their characteristic marks of love, compassion, generosity, and servant leadership upon everyone who entered their sphere.

In the early Autumn of this year, 2022, they took some time out to spend with Bridget's family in Puerto Rico. Bridget had earned her long-sought-after MA in English Literature, and had taken a job at their local public library. Peter was between the roles of Vicar and Chaplain, but his new position would not begin for several weeks. It was a great opportunity to enjoy the sun and sand of Puerto Rico, and catch up with family there.

While driving through the countryside on September 25th, they were in a very serious car accident. Amazingly, the Gilroy's, along with Bridget's sister and brother in-law, walked away from the accident unassisted. Very shortly after, however, Bridget doubled over in pain. She was rushed to the closest hospital, but then quickly transferred to one of the main hospitals in San Juan. During that time, Peter was also taken to the hospital, where it was discovered he had a perforated intestine and several fractured ribs. Tragically, Bridget did not survive her injuries, and passed away while Peter was going into surgery.

Due to the risks and severity of his injuries, Peter was under heavy sedation for four weeks. As he started regaining consciousness the doctors slowly backed him off the sedatives, but his mind remained foggy and incoherent for another couple of weeks. Consequently, it was not until November 14th that Peter learned of Bridget's death. His response, of course, was shock and profound grief. His precious "Briggy" is dancing with Jesus, and he is alone in a hospital bed sorting through the aftermath of a crushed heart and recuperating body.

For most of the time between the accident and November 14th, a group of family members and close friends banded together to pray daily for Peter's recovery. Due to the family's request, the news regarding the accident and Bridget's death was kept off all Social Media until Peter was made aware of full outcome. Now we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to assist Peter, in memory of Bridget. He is scheduled to be released from the hospital by the end of November, but will spend several weeks in the home of Bridget's parents regaining his strength. Between medical and travel expenses, resettling and more, he is in need of significant financial assistance. Your prayers and financial support are important ways in which to participate actively, not only in Peter's full physical and emotional recuperation, but also in his decision-making process of moving forward without Bridget.

From each of us, we sincerely thank you!


Group Prayer Journal for Peter
March 21, 2023
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The message below is from Ken Pratt. He and his wife, Wendy, live in Florida, and are very close to Peter. 

Hey everyone, like many of you, I’ve been praying for and with Peter.  He’s everything that Derryck shared, honest, earnest, deeply wounded, wondering what’s next, and everything in between.  It dawned on me that often we don’t remember what God has done.  Some of the most important “pieces of work” from the Father take time and yet there are glimpses along the way (some call these God sightings).  I wondered if we couldn’t capture all the prayers and the regular answers that the Father brings in a document that Peter can reference when he’s scared and lonely and wondering whether he can make it.  I’d love it if all of you would put the prayers you’ve prayed for Peter already in this document and begin to fill out the answers we’ve already seen (trach coming out, etc…). Mind joining me in that?  See the document here.  

Update #2
December 12, 2022
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Thank you so much for participating in this crowdfunding for Peter Gilroy! Your contribution is so appreciated, and we hope you will pass the link on through your Social Media sites, emails, and texts. Once Peter is able to travel, his need for funds will rapidly increase. At this point there are no specific plans regarding the location or timing for his departure from Puerto Rico, but finding a place to settle, sorting through and moving furniture, vehicles, and personal items, and dealing with the normal expenses of life will require funds. 

Peter is presently recuperating at Bridget's parents' home, and is gradually improving. He has a list of daily exercises and stretches, but overall he just needs to move a little more every day. Just after Christmas he will visit his doctors for a progress report.

It was Bridget's birthday a couple of days ago, which was particularly difficult for Peter, as well as Bridget's family. There are no adequate words, in any language, to sooth the terrible pain one endures over the loss of a spouse, child, or sibling. Please continue praying for everyone involved.


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