These are specific prayer needs:

God’s guidance in preparing wisely and thoroughly - while placing my trust in Him, first and foremost.

Ongoing peace of mind as I move ahead with these preparations - keeping my focus on Him and not losing my joy. Jesus paid a lot for the peace that He gave me. The very  least I can do is not throw it away. I want to get the most out of this experience that I can get - and give God the best that I can give Him.

I want people to see (and sense) Jesus and His Light and Life more than they see me. I
cannot hide myself under a bushel - as much as I may want to do so. Therefore, I want Him to be seen as much as possible through me.

Spiritual protection. India is a very crowded place, not just physically but spiritually.

Health. I don’t say this in fear, but in wisdom.

Favor in finances, favor in preparations, favor in travel (arrangements, tickets, fares, divine appointments, and travel itself), favor in ministry. God’s favor.

I will be taking the train south from Mumbai to Tirunelveli. I look forward to having divine guidance and favor in choosing the right train, and in divine health and grace while riding the train.