N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling Agape Scholarship Campaign

The word for love in the Greek language is the word ἀγάπη (agape), which is the act of doing something for another's benefit without receiving something in return. At some point, everyone needs some counseling support every now and then, and what a better way to express care and love than to offer a scholarship for another. There are many during these difficult times where people need guidance and counseling, and compared to other counseling centers Nyoo Mind is affordable. Yet, there are people who have a lack of financial resources and may need assistance. We are a small center in Independence Missouri that counsels from a Biblical outlook and would like to scholarship, depending on the need, a person either one free year of counseling (grand total of $1820) or two people six months of counseling (grand total: $910/each). This donation cannot be written off (as we are a for-profit Biblical counseling center) however this donation will ensure that those who receive this scholarship will get the assistance and help needed without concern about how they are going to pay for their counseling.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and your donation. Grace and peace to you!