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An audio message from Lashawn S.:  
Why is Sexual Abuse so acceptable?

Hello and thank you for your time foremost. Please walk with me daily and share with others, why Supporting No Means No is so detrimental to our future.

I never thought of myself this way, but I am a victim. After surviving multiple sexual abuse incidents growing up, I wonder, a victim Of what?  I wonder while being questioned, and ignored. The lawyers say no bruising no case, the police don't think I was assaulted. Men in general don't understand I'm missing something, I feel broken. 

Last year I was supposed to get married..I was a virgin, and a victim of sexual misconduct. My therapist says I was manipulated , degraded & bullied and RAINN definition describes my encounter as 4th degree sexual assault.  But because it was a Nurse who did this to me my claims aren't valid.

No means no, and I should not have to be repeated to be heard!

Because their is no danger in my home the system won't support me. Where can I turn. How can I stop this monster from doing this to others I have been bullied by doctors before but I was with my mom. This time I was alone. After 45 minutes of saying no, that felt like hours ofd interrogation,  Crying and Describing my multiple past sexual abuse. She treated me as if none
of that was a valid excuse it reason to wait til I was ready.

My goal is to move on. Move forward with trying to hold her accountable, and starting a non profit for people like me who don't qualify for relocation help, or victim compensation. I lost my ability to work, dealing with depression,   Social security Disability has turned me down and now. I can't pay my Bills. I was living in my car and now I'm back home. Trying my best not to spiral. Reading, vlogging, yoga ect. When I'm not crying or remembering her face. The one who destroyed my marriage before it could start. I need help.. Will you help me attempt to make a difference?

$5000 for Bill's
$5000 for business plan execution step 1-3



Update #7
February 14, 2023
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I want to Thank 

For allowing us to be posted on their website for nearly 2 years as a show of support.

Unfortunetly the world has been turned upside down. From the murder of my brother Michael Philip Johnson, to my first time pregnancy at 35 yo, and having an amazing Daughter named Angelique. She has truley been a gift from the lawd. Even now dealing with homelessness I am faithful and believing in Gods Plan for our life.

I want to start my youtube channel ( @advocateforwoman7450) up again but not for dumping out my pain, but to deliver hope to other abused persons with no where to share!  I love you all 


Update #6
February 16, 2020
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Seeking mental health is a serious issue for people with little to no insurance! But for people like me with free government insurance it seems like we received to worst services from the worst private offices. Not certified to be up to a certain standard when representing the government. After being violated during my first visit. Seeking mental health help has been a circus of disrespect and lack of follow through and consistently being told by someone this isnt the right place or info to help me. Please help me make a difference in my life and many others.

 Through the deep depression and into a cloudy sun.

holidays vs. Holy Days
December 28, 2019
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This season has been extremely hard for me. I was supposed to get married I was supposed to celebrate my birthday I'm supposed to be a new mom. But instead I live in sleep in fear. Having dreams of abandon me. Falling out with family members I thought would be here to support me, That I thought I needed To support me. How could I be expected to lose my virginity after being Manipulated this year. My relationship seems to be falling apart. No one showed up for my birthday. I almost lost my driver's license because of $2000 in tickets. I'm barely able to work because of my ankle due to a shady Amazon Seller. Why has all my years of pushing down and pushing away all that sexual abuse gone out the window. How am I supposed to cope?  There's how many people in my life that expect me to do for them, The how do I do that when I can't even protect or care for myself.    Every day people ask me am I OK and I'm constantly lying to them.   How do I honestly respond to everyone I know and tell them no. I feel ignored I feel taken advantage of I feel like I don't be long. And it all makes  absolutely no difference to no one.  I've tried to kill myself since the incident in September. I finally told one of my therapist. And I'm simply tired of trying to worry about a world that only cares about celebrating pagan holidays.   I have literally gotten into arguments with the people that were closest to me because they think that I wrong for assembly telling them what I have learned about these pagan holidays. Telling them and sharing with them my 1st person experience with witchcraft was completely ignored. And I was put down for simply explaining why Christ followers should not read/worship the horoscope over The Bible . They want nothing to do with me and I am no longer inviting. Someone else that I loved dearly the only person that I thought would be at my wedding decided to complain on social media about my honesty and how it ruins the day for everyone else. I feel like generational curses follow the people we love because they choose it . They choose pagan Holidays over The Bible, Over knowledge, Over a truth, And will put anyone down for trying to Point them in the right direction.  I don't even go out of my way to share. People are constantly calling me and texting me merry Christmas. But are celebrating financial downfall. I said leave a reply God-bless you I do not celebrate pagan holidays. For this it seems in 2020 my support system will not exist. All I have is Christ and a spouse that is trying, And a stepson who is Lost. Through Christ I will try to hold on. In the year 2020 Lord I ask You to take me.  Take my heart and keep my heart because I am not able to give it. And forgive me for my sins. God bless us all.

Feeling unworthy
November 14, 2019
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They are forcing me to get better so I think i am until I almost had an anxiety attack today. I realized that I had a panic attack last week and I feel so pathetic and weak,

why must I feel this way. Please help me.

Thank you for Your Sevice to Veterens and Currently Active Armed forces
November 11, 2019
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Many blessings to all,

Today I want to pray for and thank all the Men and Woman who have served. Lets make today about awareness. Just because they protect us doesn't mean they don't need protection as well! I love you all!

I came across a few artlicles about men and men being seuxaully assuleted and harmed for complaineing or seeking help from athority. Please pray for those being silenced by the bully culture in the armed forces across of our great nation, but also around the world.

We all Deserve love and Care.

Another day Another struggle
November 2, 2019
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Please support my journey by sharing my YouTube channel with friends and family so we can all heal together.

Thank you Love you ALL

Thank you for prayers and support
October 30, 2019
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There's only 1 way to make it through this process.

Christ is All I need!

Please continue to love and protect those victims of abuse in your life and be patient and kind.


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