This summer I have an exciting opportunity to be a part of a leadership training experience called 21 Project! I would like to ask you to help send me to this training! I have spent the past year praying about this trip, and God has provided with the opportunity this summer to travel to Kona, Hawaii and be trained by some amazing leaders.
I have felt a strong calling on my life to go into ministry these past few months, and this training will be the first step to begin learning what that means for me and how it will look in my life.
21 Project is a two-week training with Circuit Riders and Youth With A Mission (YWAM). It brings together evangelists, artists, student leaders, missionaries, musicians, and entrepreneurs to work on innovative projects to reach America with the love and gospel of Jesus. 

This school will equip me with the following skill sets:
  • Learn to become a confident and impactful communicator in a variety of settings
  • Learn how to effectively share the gospel in a variety of ways
  • Learn how to disciple a new believer in the ways of Jesus
  • Learn to walk a believer into freedom through the power of repentance
  • Learn to walk in a life of deep personal devotion and discipline
  • Learn to plan and implement gatherings at my university
I would so appreciate your help financially, so I can get this training! If you are unable to support me financially, please commit to praying for me! I cannot wait to see the work God is going to be doing in me through this experience! Thank you so much for your support!!