Grieving Mother Sues NBC for Libel and Defamation

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Goal: USD $25,000
I am finally actively pursuing the first of two lawsuits pertaining to the corrupt and callous actions that occurred by the medical field and the mainstream media when I pursued answers to my daughter’s death in 2019. The first case will be against the mainstream media (NBC News) who wrote a disgusting libel/defamation hit piece on September 24th, 2019. I've had to send a bit of a hefty retainer to my official lawyer for the case, James Mermigis, esq. of “The Mermigis Law Group, P.C.”. I knew it may come to that, and for the size of the lawsuit, it's very fair. We have got to be sure we have enough funds for both of these lawsuits in case they don't settle & go to trial. Per my contract, I'll need to have money for expert witnesses and for another $25,000 retainer if we do go to trial. For your information and peace of mind, all donations are sent to an account that a third party oversees. I have had a group on social media with over 1.5K members where I am incredibly transparent about funds and where they go. Both of these lawsuits will be a tremendous win for the entire community and movement. It will change things. It will get laws passed. We will grow in numbers because of it. It will save lives. It will stop a lot of discrimination. The list could go on but I can’t stress enough how life-changing these both are for us all. 
If you'd rather donate directly go to or Venmo @EveesFund or you can send cash/checks to: Justice for Evee PO Box 545 Howard Lake, MN 55349
If you'd like to send large donations to my attorney directly, please contact for the information to do so.
We really need your help! These lawsuits are for all of us!!
For an in depth description of my story and my case:
On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, Catie Clobes of Howard Lake, Minnesota brought her happy, healthy, well-developed 6-month-old baby girl Evee Gayle Clobes to her well-baby checkup, whereupon the pediatrician declared her to be in “perfect health” with no problems or concerns. After Evee was examined by her pediatrician, the nurse administered her shots according to the CDC recommended schedule – 6 doses total, via Pediarix and Prevnar.
The evening of Thursday February 28th, Evee was unusually sleepy when her mother put her to bed on her back, and checked her at approximately 11:00 p.m. She checked on her periodically throughout the night. On Friday March 1st at 7:00 a.m., Catie discovered her daughter on her back, lifeless and not breathing, and called 911. Evee was rushed to Buffalo Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.
The Midwest Medical Examiner assured Ms. Clobes on the day of her daughter’s death that “every test” would be performed, and confirmed that the shots administered approximately 36-hours prior to her death would definitely be investigated as a possible cause. The medical officer told her that infant deaths were taken very seriously, and she trusted that. At this point, the medical examiner had the full investigative report from detectives and interview from the mother, there was no insinuation from the medical examiner that they believed Evee's death was related to her position in the bed.
When Ms. Clobes followed up with the Medical Examiner’s Office in subsequent weeks to confirm that necessary tests were being performed to definitively confirm or rule out injury from her injections, including tests to measure critical proteins, enzymes, serum levels of adjuvants, and markers for inflammation, she was told, “It’s not medically necessary, there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.”
She was informed that vaccines are not a “medically accepted” cause of death, nor does a code exist to classify them as a cause of death, and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, defined as the unexplained death of an otherwise healthy infant) would appear on Evee’s autopsy report as the determined cause of death. To be clear, “Undetermined” was actually the official cause of death.
Evee’s family found this determination unacceptable in absence of complete data and examination. With the help of friends in their surrounding community, a fundraiser was launched, which raised the money needed to commission a private neuropathological study at an accredited independent lab. Initial results have shown the presence of a severe immune activation and cell infiltration in the brain in the absence of any infection – but not all the samples requested were sent.
Despite misleading and false reports in the media, (NBC)  which stated two autopsies had already been completed, the independent examination and report was never able to be completed at the time of the article's printing due to the withholding of essential tissues. A big part of our battle was securing the tissues from the medical examiner's office, as well as finding a new neuropathologist to take Evee's case after the former pathologist left the case due to doxxing by the media, prior to ever issuing his final report aside from initial findings. 

Evee's final neuropathology report was sent to Ms. Clobes August 22nd, 2020. Almost a year following the media reports that a second autopsy had been completed. The study included most of Evee's remaining tissues, H&E stained slides from the 12 paraffin-embedded blocks that the hsMidwest Medical Examiner's office is still hanging on to, records, autopsy photographs, death scene photographs & laser scan, previous molecular study done only on the formalin-fixed tissues at the University of Minnesota, unofficial opinion from Dr. Douglas Miller - the original neuropathologist - and other proofs and resources. The study concluded that there was proof in the hippocampus to show that Evee suffered from a fatal seizure, triggered by a cytokine storm, that was induced by the 6 vaccines she received. The report also included a large amount of negligence from the original autopsy. You can view all references to Dr. A. Quinn Strobl's negligence with the original autopsy at:
No family should discover in their grief following the death of a loved one that the Medical Examiner’s Office refuses to investigate any possible causes of their loved one’s death outside of intentional or accidental injury. Also, they should not be left to bear the financial and emotional burden of privately commissioning an adequate and thorough medical examination.
The amendment of a cause of death, without new evidence, six-months after the completion of an autopsy is nearly unheard of.  It was only when her family began asking for specific tissues to be sent to the independent neuropathologist, and for a confirmation immunostain test to be done on a cellular infiltration that had just been found, that the County Medical Examiner threatened to amend the cause of death.  On all initial examination reports, including the final autopsy report, they concluded that positional asphyxiation was not a possibility, it was never even mentioned. There is not a shred of evidence to support it. Yet, it was still amended months later when the medical examiner no longer wanted to provide further tissues to Evee's mother, following a harsh and threatening letter regarding the procurement of Evee's full tissue samples for examination. 

Deliberately changing the cause of death has opened up this family to immense scrutiny, and the media (NBC, specifically) has not reported that for the first 6-months of this journey, the cause of death was officially, "unknown." Safely co-sleeping with an infant, with no blankets or pillows, who is able to roll from all sides and fully push up is not a risk factor. Also, it is important to note that the medical examiner never accused Evee's mother of rolling on her infant, as has been insinuated in many recent media reports.

To clarify, despite false reports initially written by NBC’s “Brandy Zadrozny” and printed internationally, Evee's mother was not intoxicated in any way at the time of Evee's death. Her mother self reported a single drink, 8 hours prior to the time of death. The author of the original article included a different story of a mother who became intoxicated and rolled over on her infant. That was not determined to be the case in Evee's death, not even close. There were no accusations of suffocation or intoxication on the part of the mother, and the mother and Evee passed all tox screens. Evee’s airways were clear, confirmed in the autopsy. Investigators confirmed the position Ms. Clobes showed them that Evee was in when she passed away in the reenactment, matched the blood & milk stains on the bed, and that the 3D laser scan showed no other fluids on any pillows, blankets, etc. However, that part of the investigative report was intentionally left out of the NBC article. There are numerous other discrepancies and bold-faced lies in the article that will be brought up in the lawsuit. Despite these facts of the case, and due to the article that NBC viciously put out, and that was reprinted by numerous other online newspapers, including local Minnesota newspapers, Evee's mother continues to receive threatening and cruel messages based on the intentional misinformation in these articles. Constant harassing, gaslighting, abusive, threatening messages on all social media platforms, every single day. New defamatory, libelous, abusive online articles. Fake slanderous pages & groups in the “Justice for Evee” organization’s name on social media, run by people who stalk and harass Ms. Clobes, such as a well known “pharma troll” from California who claims to be a “law professor” who simply runs a clan of sociopaths with fake social media accounts for a living, and they don’t stop. Actual abusive, threatening letters via the USPS. There has also been local slander and humiliation by real people. Cease & desist orders have been sent out. Her billboard companies have received harassing emails & trolls have tried getting her boards taken down with bold-faced lies & intimidation. She can’t be brought up or tagged on social media without a flock of people showing up and slandering the mother, her deceased daughter, and her story, and discrediting anything she says. It has been nonstop like this since the NBC article came out. It has been impossible to find peace, try to heal, and effectively try and grieve Evee’s death because of this all. 

Evee's story is being told in order to bring attention to the lack of medical examination following sudden infant deaths. Her family deserved answers, they deserved peace, and Evee deserves justice. Every family deserves answers. Hundreds of other families have reached out with similar stories, and similar lack of medical examination following their child's death. This is not an isolated incident. Evee’s family did not deserve what happened to them, no family does. One mother, seeking answers, turned into a medical & mainstream media corruption that has negatively affected Evee’s mother’s emotional, physical, and mental health & wellness, her grieving process, the custody of her son, her name & reputation, the name & memory of Evee herself, and it gets even worse than what can be shared.

Since the organization's founding, it has raised funds for a local attorney to fight the medical examiner who was holding Evee’s tissues “hostage”, to fight purposely redacted FOIA emails obtained from Anoka County which showed disturbing emails exchanged by the medical examiner and her colleagues, for tissue transfer and storage, and to finally get answers from a third and final private neuropathologist which was completed in August of 2020, as well as to raise awareness for deaths following vaccination, and the lack of thorough investigation in SIDS and "unexplained" infant and child deaths, and the clear negligence of medical examiners everywhere when it comes to the autopsies of these children & infants. We have placed over 17 billboards around the country, have filed formal complaints against the medical examiner who has been under investigation by the Minnesota Medical Board since the end of January 2020, and the family should have an answer to the board’s decision by April 2021 at the latest, they’ve helped numerous families who have lost children & needed help on what to do next, saved THOUSANDS of children.
This lawsuit against NBC is a landmark case and will create a huge change in regards to censorship, the belief by the masses in the mainstream media & their constant propaganda when it comes to anything, it will show the thousands of people who are on the fence, waiting for Evee’s mother’s fight to play out, the truth. It will save more children. It will make people more willing to speak out without repercussion. The case against the medical examiner will do a whole lot more! Catie’s mother would like people to know that she believes the NBC lawsuit is not just her lawsuit but it is the “health freedom/anti-censorship & media propaganda” community’s lawsuit”. She will give back to those who supported, stood by her, believed in her, and helped her along the way. She will give back & help parents who are suffering after the loss of their child to find answers and peace.
She just needs your help getting through this hard, difficult time, to the finish line!
For more information, proofs, bumper stickers/shirts/info cards, resources, blog updates, and more, checkout and please share this fundraiser!


"Minnesota Mother Files Federal Defamation Lawsuit Against NBCUniversal for $230 Million & Conglomerate is Now Officially Served"
December 29, 2021
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I am so sorry, this is so long overdue. I have been exhaustingly busy with more than just this suit and with the craziness going on these days, and the awful, punitive censorship, there isn't much help available like there was 2 1/2 years ago! 


On September 24th, in the Minnesota District of the United States District Court, a lawsuit has been filed by Marjorie Holsten with "Holsten Law Office" against NBCUniversal for Defamation, Defamation Per Se and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress with damages sought in the amount of $230 Million. The case number is 0:21-cv-02117. The litigating attorney is James G. Mermigis, Esq. with "The Mermigis Law Group P.C." out of Syosset, New York. Mermigis has been dubbed the "Anti-Shutdown" lawyer for his representation of small business owners' rights.

The subject matter of the article was related to the tragic death of Clobes' daughter, Evee Clobes, who unexpectedly passed away on March 1st, 2019. Clobes was in the process of seeking answers to her daughter's death with the help of an independent neuropathologist at the time the article was published. The study by Miller and the inquest by Clobes were in progress and had not been completed.

Clobes contends that Zadrozny, prompted by a Twitter feud involving an actor, a legislator, and a tweet about Evee's death, proceeded to use selective and irrelevant parts of Evee's local death investigation in the article as well as taking advantage of, and putting her own interpretation on a punitive, deceitful action undertaken by a local medical examiner who conducted Evee's autopsy.

Clobes further claimed the article ignored the relevant facts and proof that Clobes and others had provided while adding in her own unfounded theories, substantial inflammatory language, and complete fabrications to intentionally tell a false and misleading tale of Evee's death while offering a negative image of Clobes to those reading the article.

According to Clobes, the article has received mostly negative attention, worldwide and has put her in an unwanted spotlight. As a direct result of the article and the subsequent negative communications directed at her both online and offline that it generated, she reported she has suffered profound damages which include immeasurable mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering, irrefutable impairment to her reputation, humiliation, significant health issues that have led to a deterioration of her physical and mental well-being and a lowered quality of life, medical expenses, and financial loss as well as other negative effects. Clobes states, “This article was devastating and has had a profound negative effect on my life. It has been the catalyst for me receiving thousands upon thousands of abusive messages, harassing, shaming posts and comments on all social media platforms, threats sent to the inbox of the unofficial organization that I set up in my late daughter's name ( and spawned actual written threats to me in the mail. Additionally, fraudulent pages and groups on social media have been created just to impersonate, stalk and/or harass me, destroy my reputation, and deceive the public. People have claimed that I am a "baby-killer" and that I caused my daughter's death. Most of the messages are too inappropriate to share. I have been unable to properly grieve the death of my daughter and live a decent, healthy life, or even a tolerable one, as the damages this article has caused have taken over my life. I am extremely disturbed that a mainstream journalist and media corporation would not only be allowed to, but have such a lack of morality to smear any parent or person in this way, by manufacturing a one-sided, derogatory, defamatory article about a deceased infant and her grieving mother, and have the audacity to call it a "news story", only in an attempt to discredit me because of a lack of understanding, a disagreement, and an obvious agenda the mainstream reporter and/or her employer has regarding the controversial subject matter the article highlights. This isn't the first time Zadrozny has done something dishonorable like this. She has been publicly called out by numerous people and the media for libel, doxxing, stalking, misquoting, and more. NBC is itself at major fault for knowingly keeping an unethical, immoral, unlawful reporter on staff, and allowing her to continue harming and destroying lives with her writing. It's time that NBC and its reporters are held accountable for their negligence which in this instance has completely ruined my life."

The complaint & summons were served on December 23rd, 2021. More big news to come soon!

March 23, 2021
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I have officially retained Robert J. Fisher, this country's best media/PR specialist in the field of defamation, libel, reputation/image damage, harm from negative media exposure, public perception/opinion, etc. >>>

We spoke for over an hour after he had went over the NBC article with a "fine-tooth comb" and he brought up aspects I never knew nor had I thought of. After that hour, it was apparent, regardless of cost, that I needed him on our side. He is going to be an essential part of our litigation team, and I'm even more hopeful about the outcome of this case now. 

Long, Stressful, Exhausting, Incredibly Productive Week
March 21, 2021
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It has been a long week. I have been working long days, nights, mid-nights. My breaks consist of my mind spinning with ideas, things to add to my "to do" list, impulsive emails. We have until the end of April for this massive complaint to be complete & filed. It needs to be detailed, thorough, include every single damage that this NBC article has done to my life, which is hard because they just keep piling up. If you didn't read my latest blog, please do so and sign up for email updates because that's where the big news will come.

The trolls are posting random things about my financials that they have no back story to (like a screenshot of a donation to Dave Hughes campaign I made last summer of $1000 in which I did a Facebook billboard fundraiser for him and they had already donated to Justice for Evee numerous times so I was giving them their fundraiser earnings and money back) but the trolls made it out to be "How can a mother who doesn't have any money make a 4 figure donation like this??" ? I won't respond to any of their other crazy posts to try and undermine me, my lawsuit(s), my fight, my fundraising because that's what they're trying to do but I will always address anything financial related because I have nothing to hide. I have receipts up the whazoo and two other parties who know every expense that is made. I've had numerous notifications for "password changes" and "did you log in to this account" from credit websites, Facebook, LinkedIn (which I believe they may have hacked), my personal and email. So they're trying to hack my most personal of information and I'm sure they have already hacked into other irrelavant websites I have old accounts on. These people are crazy, they're stalking me hard, and they're stopping at nothing - which is why I'm off social media. Don't send it to me, don't want to see it. If you see slander/defamation that involves Evee or myself in any way, please screenshot and upload it to

Updates on the case. With my attorney cc'd, I have reached out to professionals for their expert opinons in a report/affidavit for my complaint. I have heard back from 3 experts, two unbiased top exerpts in the medical field and one of the best media defamation/libel specialists in this country. They've all accepted. I will have fees to pay for all 3 affidavits, the media specialist being the largest. I really need help getting the word out about this fundraiser or
If you are a larger donor who would like proofs before donating (emails & invoices) and will sign a NDA, contact and you got it. Needless to say, THESE EXPERTS ON BOARD ARE A HUGE WIN FOR US!!!! THIS IS BIG!!!

I am stressed, but very hopeful for this lawsuit. Please continue to share out story, this fundraising website, any fundraising ideas you could do outside of this for our lawsuit fees, please go ahead and do, that would be so appreciated! And more than anything, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY SO HARD FOR ME & MY ATTORNEY!!! We will hit this deadline. 

God bless you all for your lovel, support, prayers, and donations. It all goes such a long way and it has been what has kept me going to this huge moment in my fight. I never asked for any of this. I just wanted answers to Evee's death. But after what was done to me, there was no way I was ever going to NOT fight back, hold those who have hurt me & ruined Evee's memory accountable, and get the truth out to the world. 

*rates for media specialist are in gallery


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