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Belize Youth Leadership Training

I have been partnering Capacity Ministries with 'Praying Pelican Missions' for the last 3 years. We have seen God do amazing things in the lives of our missionaries we took and in the lives of people in Belize. Through those years, we have developed some great relationships and friendships with villages, people, children and 'P.P.M'
A year ago, we started conversations about handling a huge need in Belize City and surrounding villages; Reaching out, training and encouraging Youth Minitries, Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders.
They feel like this is a big issue and struggle in Belize. Leaders & Pastors over students are missing the mark some how and don't have enough training or encouragment to keep reaching and changing lives. So with much prayer and fasting, we developed an outline where we can go down and do just that; train youth leaders, pastors, workers & volunteers to best connect and reach teenagers in Belize.
Once we submit the outline and vision to 'PPM,' we all agreed on it and NOW we are EXCITED to share we will be sending a team to Belize to answer the call!!!
So January 11th - 16th, myself joined with 5 other leaders will taking time off work, away from families and flying to Belize to minister and host and lead 2 different full-day trainings for Youth Pastors, Leaders & Volunteers. We are all excited and honored to have this opportunity.
Each day of training will consist of 2 parts of training;
Part 1: Youth Ministry Deevlopment
Part 2: Leadership Development
Within each part we will be teaching, working and training 4 different areas of each focus.

Unfortanitly it is happening really quick and right around the corner, so we are reaching and seeking help in a few different ways!
We need tons of prayer!!! Prayer as we plan, develop and structure each lesson, segment, game, article and message. Prayer for safety getting there, while we are there going from city to city and safety for the way back home.
Also prayer that all the funds come in, especially in this short amount of time.
There lies the second need, if anyone, business or company looking for end-of-the-year donations or sponsors, we are gladly & prayfully accepting them. As we need money for flights, transportaion in the Country, food & lodging.  
All money rasied will go directly to this Training and be divided by the team.
We uderstand it is the holidays and the end of the year, but we are all believing that God will help make ends meet. he put this desire on our hearts, he opened up the opportunties, we have poeple willing and ready to go minister and we're doing our part, we believe God will do His part and help.
So please pray and think about it and if there's any way to help or even pray for us, we would all appreciate it.
Thank you! Together reaching the lost.

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Campaign Created by:
Capacity & NBCC Norco, CA Follow

$0 of $4,000

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