Our Story
In May of 2022, Scott and Leah were invited to join in a partnership with a landowner. The landowner wanted a family to live on this newly purchased property, just outside of Paonia, in order to create a community farm and raise animals. Our little family turned out to be the perfect fit, with our new baby Amara, our three goats and Scott's farming expertise.

We spent the next four months moving Scott's 12-year farming operation off of Paonia's well-known and iconic Small Potatoes Farm onto our new location. 

At the end of August 2022, much to our surprise, the landowner informed us that they had a change of plans and would be selling the property. They informed us that we had three months to vacate. At this point, we had thousands of plant starts growing in our newly constructed prop house (preparing for our fall and winter growing season); we had hauled dozens of truck loads of tools, irrigation, tunnels, compost, manure, appliances, personal items and more; we had set up, weeded and fertilised two tunnels for planting, and were, as the land owner had encouraged us, ready to "settle in for a long while"... all the while caring for our 6-month-old baby girl.

So, while our feathers got a bit ruffled, we are choosing to turn an odd situation into an opportunity. We would like to buy this property. We want to set our roots here to both support our family and to continue to nourish the well-being of our community through growing super nutritious organic produce and becoming a center for community connection. 

* * * 

About the property: 
Soon to be a completely solar-powered farm operation with a battery backup, this sweet property is 3.8 acres along the Minnesota Creek (watershed) in Paonia, Colorado. We are situated along an ancient fertile river valley, surrounded by big beautiful trees, with a view of Mt Jumbo and lots of quietude. The property includes a newly renovated three/four bedroom, two bathroom home with an updated heating/cooling system, a rainwater catchment system, multiple sheds, a barn, goat pen, water rights, a well, three fields for growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers and easy access to downtown Paonia (a sweet and easy two mile bike ride). The soils are excellent bottom land, creek bank soils that we are very excited to grow in and the property is along a country road that leads deep into the wilderness of the West Elks. We are neighbored by pastures and a non-profit horse camp.

The Vision: 
Scott's 25+ years of experience in organic vegetable growing and Leah's love for community building and resourcing are coming together to envision a sanctuary for deep reconnection to our humanity, our community, and to mother earth. Our vision is to grow nutritious delicious foods, specializing in drought resistant, high desert (and winter friendly) varieties, while utilizing regenerative, no-till practices and revitalizing the long term importance of using non-fossil fuel based hand tools. In addition, we see this place as a center for connection -- a place to provide hands-on learning opportunities, host workshops, wisdom teachers and gatherings; a place that centralizes on the importance of Giving Back to both mother earth and our community as a spiritual practice for living. And of course, there will be music. Lots of music.

We have created a new website with more information and pictures to give you a better idea of who we are, our vision and this land.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping us with a private loan or loans, please contact Leah or Scott directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your support.

We love you.