As many of you know our full-time missionaries in Tanda have felt called to come back to the US. In the process a couple of us here in the US have been called to go to Tanda to help them. 
It is about helping them physically to pack and mostly being a present emotional support for them as they leave all the Ivorians they have fallen in love with.  While they know they are ready to move back to the States, it will be quite difficult to leave those they have grown to love so much, not to mention the kids (that's going to be most difficult)!!!!  To sign ones self up for witnessing that heart break has to be a calling from God!  To be able to provide hugs, hold hands, a shoulder to cry on and to assure them the kids will be fine will be key during that LONG trip back to Oklahoma.  Many of the Ivorians will be heart broken right along with the Jacksons as they pull away from The Solace Family Home. 
We have been to Tanda and have a relationship with the staff there. We have been able to love on and be "Mamas" to the children. We hope that having a few more familiar faces during the time leading up to the Jackson's departure will help with the transition.
The thing that we remember most and are focusing on is that God IS in control and everything will work out for His glory.

Here is the kicker... to fly WITH the Jackson's back home (for emotional support and for the extra bags to pack their items in) it cost quite a bit more to fly on Delta than another airline. Delta offers more direct flights and also more bags. The Jacksons need as many bags as possible to bring their stuff home plus, as stated, they need emotional support as well. They have lived there for 3 years and this will be a rough journey back for them. We are attempting to raise enough money to cover our flights to Africa and back home. Any and all help would be beyond appreciated. Prayers would be amazing. Sharing our fundraiser would be a huge help as well. If anyone has a discount to Delta flights we could use that too! Thank you so much for supporting our Nov 2019 trip and thank you for supporting us again. (I want to end with one note... Solace Family Home is still running, the kids will still be there, and God will move in amazing ways. Jeff and Tawyna will always be known as 'Papa Jeff' and 'Mama T' and the impact they have made on the kids, staff, and Tanda as a whole is more than they will ever understand. And, God is not finished with them yet!)