Update: We are so happy to announce that once we hit $7k we had a donor match our proceeds! Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, Ken and Mary Sorley at Marineland Boat Center.  Your generosity is so appreciated!!!!! Although this has helped us reach the goal we are still trying to get to $19k and willl continue to raise money until we do so. Thank you to all of our donors, prayers and sharers!!!! 

Hello Friends,

Emma Beth was diagnosed at age two years old with brain Cancer.  God blessed Emma Beth with the successful removal of the tumor on her brain.  She then went through treatment including Chemo and Radiation. 

Today Emma Beth is Cancer Free!  Thank you Lord!   She is now experiencing multiple seizures a day as an after effect of scar tissue and radiation.  For her safety, doctors have recommended a service dog "seizure alert dog" to detect oncoming seizures. 

Her German Shepard, Miracle has been approved to be trained.  The training will take 2/3 years and cost is $17,000.  Our goal is to raise $19,000.00 to cover the cost of the training and the percentage we are donating 1% or proceeds to GiveSendGo for the service they are so generously providing! 

We appreciate your generosity and most of all your prayers for sweet Emma Beth!