The Michael Myers family has had many medical complications lately and the impact to finances has been significant.  For those who don’t know Mike and Michelle Myers, one thing they are known for is giving freely of their time and love to others without expectation of anything in return.  This campaign is to help cover their basic necessities while off work, including rent, insurance, utilities, food, gas, and related bills.

On June 18th, Mike Myers was rushed to Hershey due to a complication with a second knee replacement and severe infection. He has recovered from the infection and a third surgery is scheduled in early October.  Currently expected to be off work until Jan/Feb 2022.

His wife Michelle needs to have shoulder surgery, but it’s on hold until Mike’s recovered so they have some basic income in the interim. This will involve 6-9 months off work for recovery early 2022. 

On June 25th, their daughter Mallory was involved in a motorcycle accident and while her life was spared, she did have to have part of her lower leg amputated.

Please consider gifts of any amount and know that the family will pray for you to be blessed in return for your generosity.