Will the CA Supreme Court rule it is their position that reporting child abuse will result in losing custody?

California is removing custody for the SOLE REASON of reporting abuse in family court Every. Single. Day.  This is not an isolated incident.  

The CA Supreme Court must go on record with its position on this unconstitutional violation of children's and parent's rights in case# S277151 - the most important case in the CA Supreme Court for the protection of children from abuse.  A mother reported her 5 year old daughter was being abused and has been unconstitutionally restrained from ALL contact for over 16 months WITH NO HEARING.  A denial of this writ petition would be CA saying "Keep Your Mouth Shut About Abuse Or Lose Custody". Every American who cares about children needs to be watching this case. 

87% of mothers who report child sexual abuse lose custody

2% of child sexual abuse reports in family court are false, according to the US DOJ

The family court is a $56 billion dollar a year industry - choosing profit over protection.

Pedophile, Dr. Richard Gardner, developed a profitable cottage industry within the family courts in cases of abuse.

His debunked theory of "parental alienation" is recognized NOWHERE except Family Court. For over 30 years it has been rejected by the American Psychological Association, yet courts use it everyday to make huge profits. 

Parental alienation says even if the child has been abused, the protective parent is destroying the relationship with the abusive parent by making such a big deal about it.  Gardner's position on child sexual abuse is insane - he states incest has always happened, children are born sexual beings and the only reason a child would develop any problems related to incest is society and the (usually) mother label it negatively. If this sounds like something out of a dystopian horror movie - it is.

The video above is a Court Ordered Judicial kidnapping. The mother was unconstitutionally criminalized for reporting domestic abuse WITH NO HEARING.  Her 13 year old daughter was judicially kidnapped, ordered into a "parental alienation therapy" program and has been severed from all contact with her mother for over 16 months. The MetooMoms website has stories of this exact same playbook being used all over the country.

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