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While on the World Race this past year, I both experienced and witnessed healing, new depths of intimacy with the Lord, and that good-tasting FREEDOM on all levels. 
I am so stoked to announce that the Lord has given me the opportunity live as a full-time missionary (again lol whoops) to do all these things *nationwide* in the upcoming year! 

This year I am partnering with YWAM, an international missions organization, to spread the Gospel and build kingdom across the United States, specifically at college campuses! 

The program: Circuit Riders + Carry the Love Tour ( ) 

Circuit Riders Mission Statement: Save the Lost. Revive the  Saved. Train them all. 

Where: Huntington Beach, California + The NATION

When: Discipleship Training school (October - December)
Outreach at college campuses (January-April)

For 3 months, I will join about 100 youth in a Discipleship Training School to receive scriptural training, evangelize across California college campuses, and learn how to use our gifts for the kingdom in specific skillset training
From January to April, Circuit Riders will host the Carry the Love Tour across the United States to bring the Gospel to those in colleges across the nation. We will equip college students to live in the freedom of Jesus and go to the nations themselves.

Why: I have witnessed the broken, the lost, and impoverished all around the world, yet I still haven’t witnessed spiritual poverty greater than in the United States. People are searching for more, people want healing, people need JESUS. The Bible tells us to spread the Gospel to all nations, and it’s easy to forget one of those nations is the United States. Revival has already begun across the U.S. and it’s only getting BIGGER! New life, healing, baptisms, freedom, the Gospel is being made KNOWN. 

I humbly ask you to join this mission in prayer and intercession for me and the rest of the Circuit Riders. Your petition to God goes further than you could imagine. 
I also ask you consider to partnering with me financially. Whether that be $1, $5, $100, or a monthly donation, it is ALL deeply appreciated. Some give by going, and others go by giving in the form of funding. 
To all those that donated and prayed for me while I was on mission with the World Race, thank you thank you THANK YOU. Only in heaven will you see the manifestation of your generosity. 

Thank you thank you!! 


If you have any questions, please reach out to me by phone or email! : 

Phone: 253-878-6885
World race blog:    


2019-07-10 03:59:00

the realest.

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Campaign Created by:
Mary Grace Curran Normandy , WA Follow

$150 of $8,000

2 % Complete 2 donation(s)
101 day(s) left

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the realest.

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