I didn't know it was a special day.  

I had been in Cyprus for several weeks working with the children of the asylum seekers who were living in shipping containers in a local refugee camp. The group of us was tired and relaxing after a Sunday service at the missionary's home.  It was there that I heard it.

"You are a love letter, Makenna, from heaven to the world."

This word spoken over my life by one of the local pastors has resounded in my heart for several years now.   

It was in that moment that I knew that I would be sent out into the world as a missionary, as a love letter from God.

Now it's starting...I leave September 30th for the Youth with a Mission 5-month training and outreach program.
Please help send out this "love letter" with your donation towards my $9700 training and trip expenses and be part of the story!