SECTIONED for whistle blowing on a pedophile ring

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In 2011, along with a colleague RIP, I helped decrypt a cache stored on hard drives recovered from a pedophiles house (Roy Stobbs, Meltham, Huddersfield UK) which lead to his later imprisonment. He was a millionaire businessman, and my colleague claimed to have been abused by him when he was a child.

Also, several times I have helped support victims of rape and trafficking, and have observed individuals acting in a threatening and intimidating way towards myself (starting from the date when I chose to help a rape victim) leading me to believe that they were part of the trafficking ring.

And, my colleague had rescued a German Shepard dog from a child trafficking ring involving animal abuse, who were hell-bent on destroying the animal, since he contained forensic evidence in the form of STDs which could potentially have been used to identifiy the perpetrators beyond a shadow of doubt. The animal would always react strangely towards those who resembled the abusers.

We were also targeted by an asian grooming gang, because we discovered their activities, one of whom is still at large (after absconding from trial and sentenced to 17 years in jail for child sex offences), and been sighted several times, althoug the police ignore reports about his wereabouts.  He (Sajid Hussain) has deliberately targeted me by chosing the same nickname as myself whilst conducting the abuse. I have also managed to film PC Jafar Hussain, Huddersfield in the company of Shaun Taylor-Barker (now a convicted sex offender) participating in harassment against me, and I have observed him multiple times at the places where the abuse took place in company with some of the abusers - could he be the one who is continually tipping them off, and even possibly an abuser himself?

Because the published material implicated members of the police force, they were determined to do away with me, and repeatedly tried to hire contract killers to curtail our activities. Our only way out was to alert the community, which we did by posting the identies of the people who were gang-stalking us to multiple sites across the internet. Also, since our equipment was repeatedly being destroyed by the gangs, this was the only possilbe way we had to store any documentation for later retrieval, and we made sure that the information was repeated over and over again, to prevent it being erased. Lastly, because we were in fear for our lives daily and living in hiding in the worst conditions including derelict buildings, coming out only at night and living literally on ground-bait from the canal, we wanted to make sure that in the event of our deaths that the truth would be known.

The publication of this material lead to my arrest under the Malicious Communications Act, and I was sectioned under the mental health act by a hospital order from the magistrates court (Judge Micheal Fanning passed the sentence). I was also placed under a restraining order not to mention the identities of the abusers in any public broadcast.

However, some of the pedophiles were later arrested, one of whom (Neil Gilpin) was sentenced to ten years in jail for dragging a young child into a ditch and sodomising him.

Some of the original posts mentioning Gilpin are still available online, and date from 2011-2012. Gilpin was pardoned several times in the courts, due to the intervention of corrupt police and reporters, until his eventual arrest and imprisonment in 2016. How many other children were abused by Gilpin and his cohorts in the mean time is impossible to estimate.

No apology was given, but I was mysteriously decalred to have recovered from my "mental illness" and was released.  Howver, the harassment continued, and after numerous failed reports to the authorities, and destruction of equipment, I was again forced to publish the names of the abusers.

This again lead to my arrest, this time under the Communications Act 2003 section 127 (please sign the petion linked below).  However, the plaintiff dropped his charges - yet the case continued, because PC Hopson 1393 Huddersfield was determined to curtail my investigations, because he had spent a lot of time and effort in fabricating evidence against me. I was persuaded to plead guilty under duress by my solicitor, under the threat of a custodial sentence.

So I was given community service, and a fine.  Suspiciously, I was placed under another restraining order - highly unusual for a public-order offence, with no actual plaintiff, and with no damages paid.

On top of this, there have been articles in one major newspaper - Maxwell's Daily Mirror, and one local paper, The Huddersfield Examiner, both of whom have highly suspect individuals as employees.

Since this time, I have become involved in yet another rape trial, in which I am a witness. (I will publish details to my blog after the trial concludes).

Because of the expenses involved in victim support, in being unhoused multiple times and having to spend a lot of time over the past few years in hiding from gangster who had been hired to do away with me, I have scarcely enough money to buy a loaf of bread, let alone pay my fine.

With enough resources I could have my sentences overturned and hopefully receive compensation for the turmoil that has been enacted on me as revenge for my genuine attempts to bring criminals to justice, and to protect the victims from further abuse.

My ultimate goal is to have those who conspired against me removed from duty and prosecuted, and hopefully, that  their sexual offences will also be uncovered and that they will spend a long time in jail.

So I need to hire a good legal team, and also find secure accomodation to persue my legal battle.
For this reason I have decided to launch an appeal.

i have been christian my entire life, and am now a follower the old catholic celtic church.  I know god guides me, and keeps me from harm because, even in the midst of utter chaos and literal bedlam, I have come to no physical harm other that the exhaustion generated by my perseverance to uphold the will of The Lord, and to spread compassion and healing.  My continued existence alone stands as proof of a miracle!

One last point, I also have a crippling and debilitating physical ailment which requires that I spend a long time resting or unable to move, however I am able to use the computer and also to take long walks, both of which bring me strength.

Thanks in advance, and blessings, to anyone who cares to send me even the smallest amount - I guarantee that this will go towards helping victims of trafficking and abuse (which I can now count myself among their number, after my ordeal) and towards bringing the perpetrators to justice, allowing me to use the money that I claim from the UK government for it's intended purpose, to fund the allieviation of the symptoms of my condition.

PS -
Please sign this petition:

Repeal Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 and expunge all convictions

PPS - 
Thanks again! 
In his holy name, amen.


Thanks for you're prayers! They've been answered, in part...
December 16, 2021
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Thanks to everyone who sent prayers - they were answered last month when I recieved a surprise windfall.
The victim I have been caring for, who has become my partner, had a prophetic vision, whilst we were on the train where I was taking her for a holiday. When we're together we both experience unusual phenomenon, such as highly increased perception, very clear thoughts, and dreams which hint of a better place...
She knew that we would come into some money, and the day we got home I had a surprise windfall.
I was able to take her back on holiday again, as well as kit her out with everything she needed to be comfortable. However, things did not go 100% according to plan, as on the next to last day, there was a fake bomb scare and we decided to return home.
Then, whilst I was ill from a chest cold, she accepted help from a person who is supposed to be part of a support network, only to find herself plied with crack cocaine and almost molested, were it not for her rape alarm.
Luckily, she is back on the rails now, and has managed to stop drinking altogether.
However, the windfall money was all spent by this time. We had planned to setup a home together.
But at least we're back where we started, and we've had a wonderful time together.

May the Lord bless those who sent us prayers. Your reward may not be in this world but it will be greater than our imagining.

[Rape trial] Sentencing has been delayed due to covid
July 30, 2021
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Hello, and thanks everyone for your prayers.

Here is the latest news:
The sentencing of the rapist in the case in which I am a witness has been delayed, and his bail extended.
Full details of this case will be published as soon as they are available in the press.
Both the victim and myself are doing very well, however my spine problem increases when the weather gets bad so I am practicaly confined to my home for the time being.
Thanks again for following this story.


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