Hey Y'all! This past September I answered the call to boldly  live out the truth of the Gospel with an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). God opened my eyes and my heart to see my own desensitization towards people who have not met Jesus for themselves or haven't personally experienced His love. Many have doubts or questions concerning the story of Jesus or the aspect of an omniscient and omnibenevolent God, and a desire to share the Truth was birthed inside of me. 

God willing this September-June I will be attending a School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Cambridge, England! I'll be reading through the Bible 5 times in 9 months and diving deep into the historical and cultural aspects. I believe knowing and understanding the Bible is essential, and this school is committed to build community around the Truth of God's Word.  God has continued to provide and open doors, and I am excited to see what this next step leads to! If you feel led to donate please do! Any amount will help :) Thank you!