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Meet Jahleel.

Jahleel was born in spring of 2012 in Hong Kong with a very rough beginning to his life. He immediately went into respiratory distress and needed a ventilator, and later, a CPAP.  Extremely low muscle tone (hypotonia) was noted.  He didn't have a sucking reflex and needed a feeding tube.  Doctors also noted an unusual collection of congenital anomalies - submucous cleft palate, atrial-septal aneurysm, and horseshoe kidneys.  Jahleel remained in the hospital until he was lovingly adopted in April 2014.

Jahleel's mom tells us a little bit about his condition:

"Jahleel was eventually diagnosed with a 15q11.2-14 deletion.  Some would call this 'expanded Prader-Willi syndrome.'  His muscle tone remains extremely low.  He still cannot swallow without aspirating, so he is completely fed by g-tube.  The muscles in his airway are weak and floppy, causing severe obstructive sleep apnea, so he must wear a bipap machine when he is sleeping.  Jahleel lacks the strength crawl or walk, we have to bring his medical stroller everywhere. He wears custom hand splints to keep his thumb joints in place, and has to wear orthotics when he is bearing weight on his feet because his ankles are so loose.  Finally, he has a hormone deficiency that requires him to receive an injection every night."

Jahleel's mom continues on to explain how wearing Jahleel would be a great help to their family:

"A carrier would allow Jahleel to join us on activities where his medical stroller cannot go, such as beaches and hiking trails.  It would also be nice to wear him to his therapy and doctors appointments, and not constantly have to unload/load and fold his medical stroller.
It will give me more time to interact with my son while getting other necessary things done. It will also give us the freedom to go places that his medical stroller can't (hiking, beach), and make quick errands faster and easier."

Here is where YOU come in!

You can help by providing Jahleel and his family with the gift of babywearing. Our goal is to raise $145 to provide him with a toddler sized ergonomic Kinderpack carrier that will meet his needs and allow Jahleel and his family to  #babyweartothrive.

Lift Me Up is an established 501c3 non-profit program created by three mamas (KristinSarah, and Rachel) with the mission to provide babywearing carriers to families who have children with special needs. Babywearing is a unique therapeutic tool that can benefit both the child and the caregiver. We provide ergonomic carriers to qualified families who have a child with a developmental special need and who do not already own a carrier.

The Carrier Connection by Lift Me Up is a way for you to join the #babyweartothrive movement. We feature families through this Carrier Connection campaign so you can learn their stories and support them personally. These families have a special need for larger sized carriers so older toddlers or preschoolers can also receive the benefits of babywearing. These types of carriers are more costly and more difficult to come by than carriers sized for infants and smaller children. Lift Me Up has recently partnered with Kindercarry to help make our Carrier Connection successful so even more families can babywear to thrive.

Jahleel's campaign will be live for 30 days. Once the $145 goal is met, your donation will be deposited. If the campaign is not fully funded within the 30 days, your donation will not be deposited and we will be unable to purchase a carrier for Jahleel.  

All money raised from this fundraiser will go directly to providing an ergonomic carrier for Jahleel and his family. If funds exceed the goal, all extra funds will be allocated to the next Carrier Connection family.  

We three ladies of Lift Me Up are 100% volunteers; it’s important to us that every one of your dollars goes towards helping families who have children with special needs #babyweartothrive.

To meet our other Carrier Connection families and see how they are now babywearing to thrive because of your donations, go to our webpage and check out our blog updates. 

To keep up with what we're doing and see more families we are serving, follow our Facebook page

You can also keep up with us on Instagram and Twitter @liftmeupbaby to see what we're up to.

Visit our website to learn more details and find out how babywearing aides in physical, emotional, and social development of the child. Here you can also follow our blog, read stories of our thriving recipients, and make a tax deductible donation anytime. 

The gift of babywearing might be priceless, but with your help we can provide Jahleel and his family with the carrier they need to #babyweartothrive.


2016-08-06 17:06:40

Praying they reach the full amount needed!

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Campaign Created by:
LiftMeUp Inc Berlin, MD Follow

$145 of $145

100 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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Praying they reach the full amount needed!


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