I hurt my lower back several times and now I have a hard time walking without pain. Sometimes sever pain. Many times I wake up in pain.

I do not want an operation as this will make the pain worse. I found a stem cell procedure that I can get that would put me back on my feet without pain but my insurance will not cover the stem cell procedure. Being a senior I don't have the money for the procedure. $1500.00 a shot. I don't know how many times I will have to go through the procedure. I am hoping just one or two times.

The procedure only takes about 3-4 hours. First the doctor takes my blood and removes my stem cells then injects them into my back. I can recover without pain or medication and that is exciting to me.

Your donation's today will make a big difference and a great impact on my ability to get around without pain.

Thank you and may you be blessed and full of God's glory.

James Jones