I have survived breast cancer. But, my marriage did not survive the breast cancer.

For 21-yrs my life focused on seeking GOD for the wisdom, strength, courage and vision to raise our 3 amazing sons, as a full-time dedicated & devoted mother/coach-of-sons and wife. Although THAT GOD-given assignment is not completely over, my husband has chosen to abandon me as I’m not a follower of mainstream media, humanism, secular values, nor do I doubt GOD’s Goodness or His Word.

WITHOUT any warning or notice, without mentioning to me or hinting to me anything - that is to say:  behind my back 
.......most likely in the hopes that I will “abandon ship”  and leave our family home due to his rejection…..    in JUNE 2020 

….. my husband has cut-me-off financially (by diverting ALL his income into new bank accounts that exclude me).  I have no income of my own.  I am a stay-at-home mom in a very remote rural location in Northwest Ireland  (without transportation).
As long as I "stay at home",
I have a roof, bed, basic food, electricity, bathroom. 
MUCH time has passed and I have used it well as a good hermit / recluse.
The LORD has taken over my inner world completely as my outer world is out of my control.

Divorce would only shatter young lives and undermine GOD’s Plans (as there is no threat of physical violence). I’m not Bible-illiterate. EVERY Word of GOD is purified 7x over in fire (but, my husband does not believe that).

My Priority is to demonstrate rock-solid steady & stable Faith, Hope and Love to our 3 sons even when circumstances are personally very painful, unjust, unwarranted. Sometimes we’re the stench of death to those who know very little about the real Fear of GOD and what it looks like when tested.

Writing The Holy Scriptures in cursive Hebrew is BEYOND-BELIEF Therapeutic.

With a little bit of financial support I could serve others by developing materials & a website to teach others HOW to connect & walk with GOD by Journaling The Scriptures in their OWN Hebrew handwriting.

I can bring people up-to-speed in Hebrew for Devotional purposes relatively quickly. 

Many years of living in Israel, studying at Hebrew University Jerusalem, and working in Medical Software in the Hi-Tech industry in Israel with Israelis has more than prepared me to mentor others.
And, teaching is my GOD-given gift. 
I have asked The Father to please let me work in His “Family Business”, and give back on His behalf what He has invested in me.

The voluptuous Comfort and Encouragement that I have rec’d from GOD is available to others IF they were to do what I did:
Engage physically with The Scriptures with pen & paper with their OWN hand in Hebrew handwriting.
I was born to help people DO this.

But, I have no income and no financial freedom to move forward, no transportation.

Here’s an analogy : most of us don’t know / understand how Electricity works in our homes. But, THAT doesn’t keep us from flipping-on lights or plugging things into sockets.

writing The Scriptures
by hand in
Hebrew cursive script
– with your own hand – Blesses GOD.

He honors our efforts.
I don’t understand it either.
Nonetheless, EVERY DAY I write Scripture Verses in my Journal in Hebrew.

And, the outcome? I AM COMFORTED & FORTIFIED WITHIN, and, there is an added bonus of more Scripture jumping OFF the page like heated popcorn.

The Word comes alive in a new way. Living bread. Life-giving water.

Your money will finance this Adventure With GOD so that I can transfer my skills, understanding, and knowledge to others.
Currently, I am rather desperate as more time passes. Although Financial Coercive Control is a crime in Ireland, I have told the police that I would prefer to let GOD deal with my husband, instead of handing him over to be the subject of their criminal investigation.
Please support me in protecting myself and my 3 sons from “the thief who comes only to kill, steal and destroy”.   Thank you.