Thank you for supporting Law Enforcement Move.

Our national campaign will continue to build upon our efforts supporting America's men and women in uniform.

Please know that your donation is going to Stars and Stripes United, Inc., a 501c4 politcally active non profit promoting America's Founding values for the last decade.

Because the non profit is politically active, it is registered as a 501c4 and not a 501c3.  This means that your donation is not tax deducatable. We hope that you can understand. The anti-police movement in America will do all they can to tear us down.  We won't let them - we won't give them an opening -- and we taking the fight righ to them!

Now is the time. Join us with your donation of $9.11 or more.

Thank you,

Paul Chabot
Deputy Sheriff Reserve (ret), San Bernardino County, California
President, Law Enforcement Move