After being kicked off of my local Community College campus for refusing to wear a mask during the height of the pandemic, I began my career in political media starting my website Always putting truth and the public resource of my website first, I consistently struggle to make ends meet reporting the truth.

I have my own podcast, the Troy Smith Show, which is hosted on Rumble and posted to I have interviewed candidates of all kinds from across Maryland, including the Gubernatorial nominee and the Attorney General Nominee in the 2022 cycle.

I have published over 1000 articles in just over 700 days of political activity. I have been published in The Gateway Pundit, where I exposed Bill Gates and his donations to RINO Republicans in the 2022 Election. This exclusive investigation was also picked up by the Geller Report, and many other prominent Conservatives worldwide.

The site has reached millions, and we have saved lives. We reported on the dangerous COVID vaccines, debunking the vaccine and virus from day one with our in-house Health Expert (who authored the federal pandemic response report for H1N1 and Ebola)

Before this pandemic I was a simple musician. I never wanted to fight. Unfortunately, because of government restrictions, my ability to attend school was taken away. They took away my job, and my life. All that I have is this fight.

I intend to extend every last resource available to me in this fight, but after nearly two years, I am nearly tapped. I need support in order to continue this great public resource. Launch Liberty continues to be on the cutting edge of political action, just recently we assisted a local Maryland candidate in exposing a party leader for taking advantage of her campaign.

I will continue to help spread the truth. All I ask is that you find it in your heart to assist me in this fight in any way that you can. Every single dollar counts. With your help, it is my goal to continue this mission to expose truth for as long as I shall live.

There is no place to run, or any place to hide. America is the last stand for humankind. It is where the fight for the furtherance of our race will ultimately be decided. Do not let the political thieves (of any kind) shelter behind poor news sources any longer. Help me to continue Launch Liberty, one of the only independent media outlets in the entire Nation, and make them fear the truth that desperately needs to be told.

Thank you.