Supporting Drunk Republic

Campaign Created by: Krista Hilton

The funds from this campaign will be received by Krista Hilton.

Goal : USD $8,000
Raised : USD $ 2,740

This is Krista with Drunk Republic. I need your help. I’ve never asked for help before so this is raw.

🔴 Financially, I’ll get to the point. I need to raise $15k by 6pm tonight.

No, that’s not a joke, I really wish it was.

I’m afraid I’ve waited too long to ask for help but, I have to TRY. If you can pass on a $5-$10 coffee or drink to help us I would be forever grateful. If each follower was able to donate even a dollar it would be a massive help and a huge weight lifted knowing how much we are supported. 

- We are drowning in bills

- Money is owed to dear people that have helped us grow

- We have a stack of invoices where we have been screwed by people not paying us what is owed.

- The funds are going straight to the people we owe money to so we don't screw them too as well as our bills to keep Drunk Republic afloat and continue making content.

⚫️If you are unable to donate we understand. The economy is hard on everyone. As a single mom, I’ve always found a way to manage but, now I need to ask for help.

⚫️ Just sharing this message helps immensely, so if you are not able to donate please share!

⚫️ Thank you so much for following us, we take personal risks and will continue to do so in order to build a company dedicated to bringing you content and products that protect our individual freedoms and bring people together as a community. 

⚫️  We created this Give Send Go to give people the option of donating anonymously. 

⚫️  I will add our other options for donating below if you prefer another method.

⚫️  We appreciate every dollar and will use it to keep our message strong and shout it even louder. Americans especially the ones here at Drunk Republic aren't going to go down quietly. We are going to rise up and conquer. I know this is going to be a hard day so please help if you can. 

Thank you and we love you all!

Venmo: @krista-hilton -  OR  Cash App: $kristamhilton


Update #1
June 2, 2022
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OMG, you all are amazing! Between Give Send Go, Venmo, and Cash app we have raised $8000!  We reached the amount we needed for our first deadline.

We're going to keep it going until Friday the 3rd, we have 6900 to go! 

Keep us in your prayers, please! We have changed the goal post to reflect the donations that come in over Venmo and Cash app. 

Thank you so much, every penny you have given and prayer you have prayed has meant so much to us. We as well as the people this money is going to appreciate your support so much!


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