I Love America! Productions began as my mother's dream of bringing children all over the country fun animated music videos to get them interested in learning about America. The goal was to get kids to grow to love and respect the greatest nation God ever created -- rather than despise it like some forces in education want.

Unfortunately, a stroke has prevented my mother, Rev. Bell, from pursuing this dream. Instead, I'm continuing what she began by creating patriotic animated videos for America's kids. These videos form a program called Know Your Nation -- an 11-video primer connecting kids with American heritage that they can experience in their everyday lives.

Why do we say the Pledge of Allegiance? What's the National Anthem all about? What's the difference between the military branches? What fun things are there to know about each state in the country? What are some inspiring American landmarks that kids can visit right now?

All these questions are answered in Know Your Nation!

Should this program prove successful, my goal is to create a new set of programs under the banner Songs to Live. Songs to Live will feature:

1) Animated educational videos for students Pre-K through Middle School,

2) Animated educational music videos made from a Christian perspective (i.e., Christian Educational music videos),

3) Animated music videos teaching Christian character, as well as

4) eBooks and other materials for kids and families.

These videos will provide a space where believing parents can feel confident that their children are being taught from a godly perspective, and children can be entertained by wholesome content.

First, however, I need to keep the lights on and a roof over my head.

If you feel moved by the Holy Spirit and you believe in the work I'm doing, then please donate to this campaign so that I may continue pursuing this God-given mission. The money raised will be put toward mortgage payments, bills, and living expenses so that I can help my mom without being forced to stop working to reach children with positive patriotic and faith-based values.

I welcome all your prayers and support! Thank you, and God bless you for joining with me in creating an educational resource for children that comes from God's Kingdom rather than Satan's.