King Sparrow was recently served a cease and desist order for being open during this time. King Sparrow has been a place of peace and normalcy and hope for so many. They let people choose what they are comfortable with, they do not discriminate against those whom have health conditions and they are standing up for our freedoms. Every business has a right to be open, King Sparrow has a right to be open, they are providing for their employees and families. If Walmart can be open then we need to let the small businesses be open as well. Unfortunately these lock downs are closing our small businesses too fast and we cannot let that happen anymore. One more business closing is too many. King Sparrow is in our OWN community! A cease and desist order is not legal under these means, it is only more harassment from our governor and health department. 

Please make a stand with us. Pray over King Sparrow, our city and our nation. Any monies donated will go to King Sparrow to help them with legal fees and to keep the doors open. Our community needs King Sparrow. Please consider standing up with us!