What a wonderful life he had. 

My dad, my hero, has gone home to be with the Lord. 

Ken "Dr Motor" Lehr was a mentor to so many. In his 36 years of teaching, he touched so many lives. He truly loved his job, turning students into adults, teaching them skillsets that they still use to this day. He started at El Capitan High School in 1969, as a Small Engine Repair teacher, teaching kids how to work on Motorcycles before getting the Automotive Technology job at Grossmont High School in 1978. Dad was a well educated and gifted man! Not only was he a teacher, but also a little league president, and involved with Grossmont High School athletics in many ways. 

In 1997 Dad was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons Disease. Though he was able to continue to work for more than a decade after being diagnosed, he was finally forced into retirement in 2004. While he had hoped for a bright retirement, his condition only got worse. While he continued to support Grossmont Athletics, life became very hard for all of us to manage after his stroke in 2017. We eventually had to sell the house to afford additional caregivers and medical needs covered. While i had to sacrifice my career, my savings and everything tangible in my life for his care, i would do it in a heartbeat again.

So this is where I need your help. We have nothing. Because of Dad's condition he could not get a life insurance policy with his advanced state. We do not have anything setup for end of life. Dad wanted to be cremated with his ashes spread in Lake Tahoe, which i just found out is now illegal in California. We will still honor his wishes. 

I am reaching out to family, friends, and especially his students for any support you can help us with. 

Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes, and certainly for the friendships we have had throughout the years. 

Dad is finally at rest, out of pain and suffering.